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 January 25, 2018
 Carlos Sierra
(Trumbore department)
Towards a mathematical theory of biogeochemical cycling using the concept of non-autonomous compartmental systems

Tina Trautmann
(Reichstein department)
Understanding Terrestrial Water Storage Variations across scales
 February 15, 2018
 David Schoene
(Fellow group)
t. b. a.

Maik Renner
(Kleidon group)
Global temperature sensitivity constrained by spatial variations of surface radiation
 February 22, 2018
 Martijn Pallandt
(BSY department)
Evaluation of the pan-Arctic ecosystem scale greenhouse gas measurement network

Paul Bodesheim
(Reichstein department)
Available data products from upscaling tasks within the BACI project
 March 01, 2018
 Karel Castro Morales
(Reichstein department)
Results from equal opportunities survey at BGC
 March 08, 2018
 Raul Martinez
(Hallmann group)
The rise and fall of Archean atmospheric oxygen: did temporary carbon burial as Fe(Ox) -DOM complexes play a modulating role?

Javier Pacheco-Labrador
(Reichstein department)
Retrieving key plant functional traits from hyperspectral data and fluxes
 March 22, 2018
 Rene Orth
(Emmy Noether group)
Introducing the Hydrology-Biosphere-Climate Interactions Group

Sven Boese
(Reichstein department)
Semi-Empirical Water-Use Efficiency Models from Local to Global Scale
 March 29, 2018
 Julia Marshall
(BSY department)
CO2 point source emissions based on remotely-sensed plumes of XCO2
 April 05, 2018
  Lucia Eder
(Reichstein department)
Assessing effects of elevated CO2 on C and N cycling

Lin Yu
(Reichstein/BSY department)
Modeling Soil Organic Matter turnover in forest soils under different Phosphorus availability
 April 19, 2018
 Michael Rzanny
(Reichstein department)
Flora incognita - challenges and current achievements in semi-automatic plant determination

Melanie Kern
(Reichstein/BSY department)
A novel plant-mycorrhiza interaction model improves representation of plant responses to elevated CO2
 May 17, 2018
 Marion Schrumpf
(Reichstein/Trumbore department)
Priming effects in soils: the fast response of soil organisms to glucose additions
 May 24, 2018
 Johannes Meyerholt
(Reichstein department)
The first robust estimate of global nitrogen limitation on future land C uptake

Anke Hildebrandt
(Trumbore department/FSU)
What limits root water uptake?
 June 07, 2018
 Thomas Lange
Volcanic Closure of the Alf Valley During the Weichselian Pleniglacial - Witnesses of the Last Glacian in the Quaternary Westeifel Volcanic Field (Germany)
 June 14, 2018
 Guido Kraemer
(Reichstein department)
The Dimensionality of Development -- A data driven exploration of human development space

John Kim
(Trumbore/Reichstein department)
Effects of carbon-sequestering agricultural practices on farm profits
 June 21, 2018
  Jost Lavric
(BSY / Trumbore department)
Summary ATTO workshop
 June 28, 2018
 Bernhard Ahrens
(Reichstein department)
The capacity of soils to stabilize organic carbon by binding with mineral surfaces

Daniel Pabon-Moreno
(Reichstein department)
Potential Gross Primary Production: A Phenological Approach
 August 12, 2018

 August 23, 2018
 Ingo Schoening
(Trumbore department)
Understanding the sources of soil organic matter: Leaf litter monitoring in the Biodiversity Exploratories
 August 30, 2018
 Michal Galkowski
(BSY department)
Preliminary results from CoMet campaign: airborne in-situ measurements of CO2, CH4 and CO over Europe

Sophia Walther
(Reichstein department)
Spaceborne assessment of global terrestrial vegetation dynamics
 September 13, 2018
 Oscar Perez-Priego
(Reichstein department)
Carbon-Water Economies: An attempt to understand plant and soil hydraulics

Christian Roedenbeck
(BSY department)
How does extratropical and tropical NEE respond to interannual climate variations?
 September 27, 2018
 Silvia Caldararu
(Reichstein department)
Optimality theory: what is it and how can we use it?

Jenia Singh
(IMPRS / Trumbore)
3D measurements and models of savanna structure and function
 October 04, 2018
 Boaz Hilman
(Trumbore department)
Do tree stems re-capture CO2?

Alison Hoyt
(Trumbore department)
Pantropical trends in peatland methane fluxes
 October 11, 2018
 Jinhong Guan
(Reichstein department)
Effect of N and P fertilization on carbon flux and ecosystem functional properties in a Mediterranean grassland

Alexander Ruecker
(Trumbore department)
Terpene emissions from the rhizosphere of a tropical forest ecosystem
 October 25, 2018
 Christian Hallmann
(Hallmann group)
The Ediacara biota and the geological record of early animals

Thomas Wutzler
(Reichstein department)
Lognormal distribution is your friend - Soil CO2 flux from Majadas, Spain
 November 15, 2018
 Sujan Koirala
(Reichstein department)
Modeling groundwater resources in Africa using SINDBAD MDI framework

Andreas Knebl
(Trumbore department)
Raman Gas Spectroscopy - a Promising Tool to Study Nitrogen Fixation and Oxygen Dynamics
 November 22, 2018
 Markus Mueller
(Trumbore department)
The biogeochemical model database - essons learned on the way to a useable software for model intercomparison

Milan Flach
(Reichstein department)
Contrasting biosphere responses to hydrometeorological extremes: revisiting the 2010 western Russian heatwave
 December 06, 2018
 Su Ding
(Trumbore department)
Plant diversity increases free-living nitrogen fixing Rhodobacter community in soils

Benjamin Nettersheim
(Hallmann group)
Fossil lipids of unicellular eukaryotes and the earliest animals
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