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 January 03, 2019
 Markus Lange
(Trumbore department)
How plant diversity facilities the transfer of dissolved organic matter to deeper soil layers

Neele van Laaten
The dust we breathe: How to detect sources of atmospheric dust using simple, cost-effective approaches?
 January 10, 2019
 Axel Kleidon
(Kleidon group)
Recent insights from a thermodynamic Earth system approach

Jens Kattge
(Fellow group)
Plant traits - characterizing variation in space and change over time
 January 24, 2019
 Somak Chowdhury
(Trumbore department)
Effects of an experimental plant diversity gradient on bacterial and fungal diversity

Tea Thum
(Reichstein department)
Introducing a new terrestrial biosphere model QUINCY
 January 31, 2019
 Ansgar Kahmen
University Basel, Switzerland
Response of temperate European trees to drought
 February 07, 2019
 David A. Herrera
(Trumbore department)
Anatomical insights into tree stem carbon storage: where do trees store starch and how to quantify it?

Naixin Fan
(Reichstein department/IMPRS)
Carbon storage dominates uncertainty in carbon turnover times of terrestrial ecosystems
 February 21, 2019
  Muye Du
(Kleidon group)
On the relationship between precipitation and temperature under global warming

Simon Benk
(Trumbore department)
Chasing surface inputs of 14C-young dissolved organic matter through a karstic aquifer system
 March 07, 2019
 Nathalie Schroeter
(Trumbore department)
Reconstructing Holocene climatic and environmental changes in Central Asia
 March 21, 2019
 Mathias Goeckede
(Biogeochemical Systems)
Fate of permafrost carbon in a changing climate - Can we detect and quantify degradation signals?

Basil Kraft
(Reichstein department)
Identifying dynamic memory effects on vegetation state using recurrent neural networks
 May 02, 2019
  Jianbei Huang
(Trumbore department)
The relationship between nonstructural carbohydrate storage and chemical defense in trees

Shaun Levick
(CSIRO, Australia)
Growing and dying in three-dimensions
 May 16, 2019
 Christian Requena
(Reichstein department)
Predicting landscapes as seen from space from environmental conditions

Christoph Gerbig
(Biogeochemical Systems)
Planning for an integrated greenhouse gas monitoring system for Germany
 June 27, 2019
 Tarek-Sebastian El-Madany
(Reichstein department)
Rapid shifts of ecosystem carbon and energy fluxes after changed nitrogen and phosphorus availability

Gerd Gleixner
(Trumbore department)
DOMnigma and the interactions between plant, microorganisms and soil
 July 04, 2019
 Richard Nair
(Reichstein department)
MANIP Underground

Shujiro Komiya
(Trumbore department)
Development of H2O vapor isotope profile system and preliminary ATTO GHGs flux report
 August 16, 2019

 August 22, 2019
 Junzhi Liu
(Reichstein department)
The impact of precipitation variability on ecosystem productivity at the global and continental scale

Carsten Simon
(Trumbore department)
Identification of ecosystem-specific markers in dissolved organic matter by ultrahigh resolution tandem mass spectrometry
 September 05, 2019
 Kerstin Groenland (Sweden) and Todd Wehrkamp (USA)
Unconscious bias & effective communication in a diverse workplace
 September 19, 2019
 Katharina Stolze
Depth-dependent, small-scale characteristics of earthworm burrow walls of L. terrestris influence water infiltration and transport processes

Amir Hossein Abdi
(Biogeochemical Systems)
Modelling methane concentrations over Africa
 October 10, 2019
 Sungmin O
(group R. Orth)
Getting the best of both worlds: process-based and data-driven modeling for land surface hydrology

Nuno Carvalhais
(Reichstein department)
Biomass links to carbon fluxes
 October 17, 2019
 Simon Besnard
(Reichstein department)
Dynamic lag effects of climate and vegetation on biosphere-atmosphere CO2 exchange: a global analysis

Juliane Helm
(Trumbore department)
Spatial patterns of internal and external fluxes of CO2 and O2 in mature beech trees
 October 24, 2019
 David Martini
(Reichstein department)
Nitrogen and phosphorus effect on sun-induced fluorescence and gross primary productivity in mediterranean grassland

Martin Jung
(Reichstein department)
Scaling carbon fluxes from eddy covariance sites to globe: Synthesis and evaluation of the FLUXCOM approach
 November 07, 2019
 Kendalynn Morris
(Reichstein department)
Influence of nutrient availability on soil respiration and microbial activity in a tree-grass ecosystem

Carlos A. Sierra
(Sierra group)
The climate benefit of carbon sequestration
 November 14, 2019
 Susanne Tautenhahn
(Fellow group)
On the intraspecific variability of plant functional traits in space and time
 November 21, 2019
 Caglar Kuecuek
(Reichstein department)
Spatial patterns of seasonal decay rate of vegetation cover in Africa and their ecohydrological covarites

Tonatiuh Guillermo
(Biogeochemical Systems)
Estimating CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion using an atmospheric sampling network of multiple tracers
 November 28, 2019
 Yunpeng Luo
(Reichstein department)
Nutrients and water availability modulate functional phenology in a semi-arid tree-grass ecosystem
 December 05, 2019
 Heiko Moossen
Stable isotope standardisation - problems and solutions
 December 12, 2019
 Arne Leider
(Hallmann group)
New perspectives for the reconstruction of Earth s early biosphere?

Miguel Mahecha
(Reichstein department)
Can we decode biogeographical patterns from the "Flora Incognta" records?
 December 19, 2019
 Susan Trumbore
(Trumbore department)
Updates on the ATTO project and AGU Advances

Christopher Krich
(Reichstein department)
Detecting causal structures in ecosystem functioning
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