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 January 09, 2020
 Susanne Tautenhahn
(Fellow group)
On the intraspecific variability of plant functional traits

Martin Kunz
(Field Experiments and Instrumentation)
Flux measurements with drones - Estimating surface fluxes from nocturnal boundary layer budgets
 January 16, 2020
  Marion Schrumpf
(Trumbore/Reichstein department)
The Biodiversity Exploratories: past, presence and future

Christian Roedenbeck
(Biogeochemical Systems)
What determines year-to-year variability of European summer NEE: Drought or heat? Respiration or photosynthesis?
 January 23, 2020
 Michael Rzanny
(Reichstein department)
A deep dive into Flora Incognita - collected data and future challenges

David Walter
(Trumbore department)
Research data management - experiences and considerations at the MPI for Chemistry
 January 30, 2020
 Kai Heckel
High resolution satellite and airborne data for forest applications in Germany and South Africa

Rene Orth
(Reichstein department)
Second Birthday of the HydroBioClim Group: Initial results and outlook
 February 06, 2020
 Annu Panwar
Imprints of evaporation and vegetation type in diurnal temperature variations
 March 05, 2020
 Kasun Gayantha
Southward Migration of Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone during Mid-Late Holocene: New Evidence from Sri Lanka

Dietrich Feist
(formerly Heimann department, now: LMU Munich / DLR)
Future of the Ascension Island TCCON observations
 March 12, 2020
 Olaf Kolle, Mathias Goeckede
(Field Experiments & Instrumentation, Biogeochemical Systems
Establishment of a Flask Sampling System at Station Nord on Greenland

Basil Kraft
(Reichstein department)
Hybrid modeling: Fusion of a deep learning and a physics-based approach for global hydrological modeling
 March 19, 2020
 Antonios Apostolakis
(Reichstein/Trumbore department)
Forest characteristics and drought effects on forest soil climate and respiration
 March 19, 2020
 Boaz Hilman
(Trumbore department)
Respiration and carbon dynamics of fine roots in temperate and alpine tree line trees
 April 20, 2020
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