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 January 07, 2021
 Mina Azizi Rad
(Trumbore department)
Sensitivity of soil respiration rate to temperature, moisture and oxygen in the freeze-thaw incubation experiment
 January 14, 2021
 Naixin Fan
(department Reichstein)
Hydrometeorology influences the apparent temperature sensitivity of terrestrial carbon turnover times
 January 28, 2021
 Jinxuan Chen
(department Zaehle)
Linking airborne in-situ and column GHG measurements using an atmospheric transport model
 February 04, 2021
 Ana Bastos
(department Reichstein)
Introduction of the Climate-ecosystem-disturbance interactions group
 February 11, 2021
 Ernst-Detlef Schulze
(em. Schulze)
Eddy Covariance, forest management and forest climate mitigation
 February 18, 2021
  Ingrid Chanca
(department Trumbore)
Probability distributions of radiocarbon in open compartmental systems
 March 03, 2021
 Lina M. Estupiñan
(department Reichstein)
 March 04, 2021
 Sandra Raab
(department Zaehle)
Spatio-temporal hydrological patterns at a small-scale site in North-East Siberia - a comparative study between a drained and a control site
 March 17, 2021
 Daniel Marra
(department Trumbore)
 March 25, 2021
 Ann-Sophie Lehnert
(department Trumbore)
DMS emissions from peatlands result more from organic matter degradation than sulfate reduction
 April 08, 2021
 Somak Chowdhury
Effect of plant Inputs and nutrient acquisition strategies on soil microbial community
 April 15, 2021
 Komiya Shujiro
(department Trumbore)
ATTO carbon flux report: insights into seasonal variations (2014-2019)
 April 22, 2021
 Shanning Bao
(department Reichstein)
Environment-sensitivity: Functions for gross primary productivity in light use efficiency models
 April 29, 2021
 Simon Benk
(department Trumbore)
Towards a data-driven understanding of dissolved organic matter in the Critical Zone
 May 06, 2021
 Eliane Gomez Alves
(department Trumbore)
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions from Amazon Forests: an integrative approach from soil to atmosphere
 May 27, 2021
 Jianbei Huang
(department Trumbore)
Drought impacts on tree chemical defense
 June 03, 2021
 Jacob Nelson
(department Reichstein)
Ecosystem transpiration from Eddy covariance
 June 17, 2021
 Sophie von Fromm
(department Trumbore)
Controls on soil carbon age and content across sub-Saharan Africa
 June 24, 2021
  Annika Blohm
(department Trumbore)
Direct measurement of nitrogen rates in tropical soil samples
 July 01, 2021
 Gerd Gleixner
(department Trumbore)
What you ever wanted to know about M&Ms, but ...
 July 08, 2021
 Boaz Hilman
(department Trumbore)
Radiocarbon, respiration, and carbon allocation in fine roots
 July 15, 2021
 Christian Requena-Mesa
(department Reichstein)
AI for Earth surface and extreme weather impact forecasting
 July 22, 2021
 Sungmin O
(group Orth)
Role of land surface processes on extreme weather events: observational evidence
 July 29, 2021
 David Martini
(department Reichstein)
Heatwave breaks down the linearity between sun-induced fluorescence and gross primary production
 September 09, 2021
 Martijn Pallandt
(department Zaehle)
Assessing Arctic atmospheric methane monitoring needs through synthetic data experiments
 September 16, 2021
 Qian Zhang
(department Reichstein)
Monitoring responses of vegetation to heat and drought stress using abundant information from optical remote sensing
 September 23, 2021
 Alexander Winkler
(department Reichstein)
Slowdown of the greening trend in natural vegetation with further rise in atmospheric CO2
 September 30, 2021
 Ulisse Gomarasca
(department Reichstein)
Leaf economic and global spectrum of plant forms and functions at the ecosystem level: Are optimality principles scale-emergent
 October 14, 2021
 Richard Nair
(Reichstein department )
How nutrient imbalance and climate affects ecosystem-level carbon cycling of a mediterranean tree-grass system
 November 04, 2021
 Jasper Denissen
(group Orth)
Water vs. energy controlled vegetation modulates climate and related extremes
 November 18, 2021
 Nuno Carvalhais
(department Reichstein)
 November 25, 2021
 Henrik Hartmann
(department Trumbore)
Scaling and prediction of tree mortality from climate extremes - the critical role of a new global tree mortality database
 December 09, 2021
 Saqr Munassar

NEE estimates over Europe derived from the Jena Carboscope regional inversion
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