BGC Research in Progress

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 January 06, 2022
 Tina Trautmann
(department Reichstein)
Implications of river storage for integrating GRACE Terrestrial Water Storage observations into a global hydrological model
 January 13, 2022
 Susan Trumbore
(department Trumbore)
An update on ISRaD - the international soil radiocarbon database and what you can do with it
 January 27, 2022
 Marleen Pallandt-Vermeulen
(department Reichstein)
Vertically divergent responses of SOC decomposition to soil moisture in a changing climate
 February 10, 2022
 Tarek El-Madany
(department Reichstein)
8 years of the MaNiP experiment - A dataset full of excitement
 February 24, 2022
 Sinikka Paulus
(department Reichstein)
Frequent moistening of a semi-arid ecosystem at night - a lysimeter based study
 March 03, 2022
 Lina M. Estupinan
(department Reichstein)
Vegetation dynamics in northern South America at different time scales
 March 10, 2022
 Axel Kleidon
(Kleidon group)
Biospheric Theory & Modeling: updates and perspectives
 March 17, 2022
 Daniel Marra
(Trumbore department)
 April 07, 2022
 Gregory Duveiller
(department Reichstein)
Assessing empirically the potential biophysical consequences of land cover change from satellite Earth Observations
 April 14, 2022
 Christian Roedenbeck
(department Zaehle)
Atmospheric oxygen measurements support decadal trends in European fossil fuel CO2 emissions
 April 21, 2022
 Ladislav Hodac
(Reichstein department)
Artificial intelligence for microscopic plants and taxonomic nightmares
 May 05, 2022
 David Herrera
(department Trumbore)
Tropical trees from a seasonal dry forest sacrifice growth to store starch during the wet season
 May 12, 2022
 Rene Orth
(department Reichstein)
An Update from the Hydrology-Biosphere-Climate Interactions Group
 May 19, 2022
 Sophia Walther
(department Reichstein)
Fluxcom-X and complementary EO data sets in data-driven estimates of terrestrial carbon fluxes
 June 09, 2022
 Katrin Fleischer
(department Zaehle)
Belowground nutrient feedbacks to climate change in the Amazon
 June 16, 2022
 Jens Kattge
The global spectrum of plant form and function - towards and beyond
 June 23, 2022
 Carlos Sierra
(department Trumbore)
A decrease in the transit time of carbon in the terrestrial biosphere and increase in the asymmetry of its distribution
 June 30, 2022
 Shane Stoner
(department Trumbore)
Influence of soil minerals on the timescales and quality of associated organic matter
 July 07, 2022
 Alice Orme
(department Trumbore)
Drought suppresses plant matter release during rewetting
 July 22, 2022
until August 25
 September 01, 2022
 Basil Kraft
(department Reichstein)
Deep learning of land-atmosphere fluxes