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 05. Januar 2017
 Heiko Moossen
Delta13C signatures of algal Palmitic Acid in the Fram Strait - A new tool for paleo sea ice reconstruction?

Linda Maack, Kirsten Heinrich
Open Access for third-party-projects
 12. Januar 2017
 Sebastian Sippel
(Reichstein department)
Seasonally contrasting trends in excosystem productivity extremes

Mirco Migliavacca
(Reichstein department)
Variability in functional traits and canopy structure control the relationship between GPP and sun-induced fluorescence (SIF) in a nutrient-manipulated Mediterranean grassland
 19. Januar 2017
 Jean-Philippe Jenny
(Reichstein department)
Long term change in lake oxygen conditions in response to increased eutrophication and global warming

Martin Nowak
(Trumbore department)
The role of microbial CO2 fixation in below ground carbon cycling and its influence on carbon isotopic signatures
 02. Februar 2017
 Yunpeng Luo
(Reichstein department)
Potential and limitations of using digital repeat photography to tract structural and physiological phenology in Mediterranean tree-grass ecosystems

Fabio Boschetti
(Heimann department)
Safety issues on nuclear energy
 16. Februar 2017
 Somak Chowdhury
(Trumbore department)
Do microbes residing close to roots respond predictably to organic matter input?

Jakob Fischer
t. b. a.
 02. März 2017
  Nuno Carvalhais
(Reichstein department)
Reducing a multi-model ensemble spread in carbon flux estimates through multiple constraints approaches

Axel Kleidon
(Kleidon group)
Update on (1) wind energy and (2) surface-atmosphere interactions
 16. März 2017
 Holger Metzler
(Trumbore department)
Transit time and age distributions of carbon cycle models

Martin Jung
(Reichstein department)
Compensatory water effects link yearly global land CO2 sink changes to temperature
 23. März 2017
 Markus Reichstein
(Reichstein department)
Perspectives on Data-Driven Earth System Science
 30. März 2017
 Juergen Knauer
(Reichstein department)
Continental-scale implications of increasing water-use efficiency

Julia Joswig
(Fellow goup)
A comprehensive analysis on the environmental signal in plant traits.
 20. April 2017
 Xiaolu Tang
(Reichstein department)
Global variability of carbon use efficiency in relation to climate and soil

Huei Ying Gan
(Trumbore department)
How do land use and management intensities affect soil priming effect?
 04. Mai 2017
 Gerd Gleixner
(Trumbore department)
t. b. a.
 11. Mai 2017
 Benjamin Bruisten
Hallmann group
Ferruginous ecosystems and the environmental dynamics of a Paleoproterozoic sea

Carsten Simon
Gleixner group
A glimpse on dissolved organic matter (DOM) evolution during ecosystem passage: Comparative analysis of ultrahigh resolution mass data
 08. Juni 2017
 Friedemann Reum
(Systems department)
Atmospheric observations and an inverse model for quantifying methane emissions from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf

Tarek El-Madany
(Reichstein department)
Spatio-temporal flux variability in a Savanna ecosystem
 15. Juni 2017
 Jana Waeldchen
(Reichstein department)
Using an adaptive plant identification key in a semi-automated plant identification tool for mobile devices

Richard Nair
(Reichstein department)
Root Dynamics at Majadas del Tietar
 29. Juni 2017
 Tonatiuh Guillermo
(Systems department)
Global inverse modeling of methane emissions with the additional constraints of the d13CH4 signal and the ethane mixing ratio

Susan Trumbore
(Trumbore department)
Tanguro Flux Study
 31. August 2017
  Jan Muhr
(Trumbore department)
With their dying breath - what girdled trees can tell us about C reserves

Veronika Ceballos-Nunez
(Sierra group)
Finding a common language: a new mathematical framework to assess carbon allocation in ecosystem models
 14. September 2017
 Karel Castro Morales
(Systems/Reichstein department)
Year-round methane emissions in the Chersky region simulated by JSBACH-methane

Sonja Germer
(Kleidon group)
Impacts of turbine aging and high density of installed capacity on wind energy yield in Germany
 21. September 2017
 Yan Li
(Gleixner group)
Biogeochemistry of groundwater dissolved organic matter.

Armin Jordan
(Gas Lab)
News on atmospheric CO2 measurement data
 05. Oktober 2017
 Kendalynn Morris
(Reichstein department)
Soil respiration partitioning in a manipulated oak-savannah

Mikhail Urbazaev
Estimation of forest aboveground biomass and uncertainties from field measurements, airborne LiDAR, and satellite data in Mexico
 12. Oktober 2017
 Tea Thum
(Zaehle group)
Using atmospheric CO2 concentration observations to evaluate two different soil carbon models in JSBACH

Jens Kattge
(Fellow group)
Ten years TRY - a contribution to better understand plant functional diversity and its role for ecosystem function?
 19. Oktober 2017
 Henrik Hartmann
(Trumbore department)
Identifying trends in tree mortality as indicator of forest health - a global initiative

Christoph Gerbig
(Systems department)
The near-real time data GHG stream from IAGOS airliners
 26. Oktober 2017
 Sandra Raab (née Boelck)
(Systems department)
Links between hydrology and carbon cycle processes within permafrost ecosystems in Northeast Siberia - aims, preliminary results and next steps

Dietrich Feist
(Systems department)
Trying to track the re-use of research data - open licensing, DOI usage and the Data Citation Index
 16. November 2017
  Martin Kunz
(Field Experiments group)
Science with unmanned aircraft. What can UAS do for you?
 07. Dezember 2017
 Antje Ehrle
Soil biogeochemical heterogeneity induced by the ant Lasius flavus

Simon Besnard
(Reichstein department)
The importance of disturbance and long-term forest dynamics on net forest carbon balance
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