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 09. Januar 2020
 Susanne Tautenhahn
(Fellow group)
On the intraspecific variability of plant functional traits

Martin Kunz
(Field Experiments and Instrumentation)
Flux measurements with drones - Estimating surface fluxes from nocturnal boundary layer budgets
 16. Januar 2020
  Marion Schrumpf
(Trumbore/Reichstein department)
The Biodiversity Exploratories: past, presence and future

Christian Roedenbeck
(Biogeochemical Systems)
What determines year-to-year variability of European summer NEE: Drought or heat? Respiration or photosynthesis?
 23. Januar 2020
 Michael Rzanny
(Reichstein department)
A deep dive into Flora Incognita - collected data and future challenges

David Walter
(Trumbore department)
Research data management - experiences and considerations at the MPI for Chemistry
 30. Januar 2020
 Kai Heckel
High resolution satellite and airborne data for forest applications in Germany and South Africa

Rene Orth
(Reichstein department)
Second Birthday of the HydroBioClim Group: Initial results and outlook
 06. Februar 2020
 Annu Panwar
Imprints of evaporation and vegetation type in diurnal temperature variations
 05. März 2020
 Kasun Gayantha
Southward Migration of Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone during Mid-Late Holocene: New Evidence from Sri Lanka

Dietrich Feist
(formerly Heimann department, now: LMU Munich / DLR)
Future of the Ascension Island TCCON observations
 12. März 2020
 Olaf Kolle, Mathias Goeckede
(Field Experiments & Instrumentation, Biogeochemical Systems
Establishment of a Flask Sampling System at Station Nord on Greenland

Basil Kraft
(Reichstein department)
Hybrid modeling: Fusion of a deep learning and a physics-based approach for global hydrological modeling
 19. März 2020
 Antonios Apostolakis
(Reichstein/Trumbore department)
Forest characteristics and drought effects on forest soil climate and respiration
 19. März 2020
 Boaz Hilman
(Trumbore department)
Respiration and carbon dynamics of fine roots in temperate and alpine tree line trees
 16. April 2020
 Thomas Wutzler
(Reichstein department)
Effective aggregation of gappy replicated soil CO2 efflux time series using INLA
 23. April 2020
 Jost Lavric
(Trumbore department)
News from ATTO
 30. April 2020
 Markus Reichstein
(Reichstein department)
Extreme (weather) events and (societal) resilience
 14. Mai 2020
 Markus Mueller
(Trumbore department)
Beyond "well mixed", in search of the the most general pool model
 28. Mai 2020
 Christian Hallmann
(Hallmann group)
New insights on the early evolution of marine algae
 04. Juni 2020
 Ingo Schoening
(Trumbore/Reichstein department)
Soil priming after addition of different root exudates to forest soils
 11. Juni 2020
 Valerie Schwab-Lavric
(Trumbore department)
Concurrent D- and 13C-labelling of microbial membrane lipids to estimate heterotrophic and autotrophic incorporation rates in distinct groundwater environments
 18. Juni 2020
 Holger Metzler
(Trumbore department)
Compartmental systems as Markov chains: age, transit time and entropy
 25. Juni 2020
 Javier Pacheco-Labrador
(Reichstein department)
Towards the characterization of key vegetation functional traits from space
 02. Juli 2020
 Natalie Schroeter (1), Basil Kraft (2), Jasper Denissen (3)
(1) Multi-proxy reconstruction of atmospheric circulation patterns and climate changes in the past
(2) Hybrid Modeling: Incorporating Neural Networks into Process Based Models
(3) Soil moisture footprint in global weather balloon soundings
 09. Juli 2020
 Rachael Akinyede
Significance and driving forces of dark CO2 fixation for organic carbon inputs in temperate forest soils

Simon Benk
Ecosystem influence on dissolved organic matter composition
 30. August 2020
 Summer Break

 03. September 2020
 Silvia Caldararu
(Zaehle department)
Disentangling the long-term foliar 15N signal using a land surface model
 10. September 2020
 Jose Cortes
Where are global greening and browning trends significant?
 17. September 2020
 Bernhard Ahrens
(Reichstein department)
Radiocarbon depth profiles can be explained by a combination of energy limitation and sorption capacity
 01. Oktober 2020
 Axel Kleidon
(Kleidon group)
How much offshore wind energy can we expect to get in Germany? Results from the OffPot project.
 08. Oktober 2020
 Olga Bogdanova
Drivers of microbial community structure in heavy metal contaminated soil
 15. Oktober 2020
 Antonios Apostolakis
(Trumbore department)
Drivers of soil respiration in temperate forests under drought
 22. Oktober 2020
 Mirco Migliavacca
(Reichstein department)
On the key dimensions of terrestrial ecosystems multifunctionality
 29. Oktober 2020
 Jeffrey Beem-Miller
(Trumbore department)
Beyond the first date: Archived soil incubations and the radiocarbon constraint
 05. November 2020
 Christoph Gerbig
(department Zaehle)
Can we see a covid-19 impact in atmospheric GHGs? A diagnostic assessment using STILT
 05. November 2020
 Georg Dittmann
(Trumbore department)
Emergence of fairy circles in Namibia
 12. November 2020
 Rachael Akinyede
Significance and driving forces of dark CO2 fixation for organic carbon inputs in temperate forest soils
 26. November 2020
 Martin Heimann, Mathias Goeckede
(Zaehle department, Heimann Emeritus group)
Quantify disturbance impacts on feedbacks between Arctic permafrost and global climate, Q-ARCTIC
 03. Dezember 2020
 Sujan Koirala
(department Reichstein)
Modeling (ground)water-vegetation interactions in Africa using SINDBAD MDI Framework
 10. Dezember 2020
 Santiago Botia
(department Zaehle)
The ATTO CO2 record: links to processes at seasonal and inter-annual scales
 17. Dezember 2020
 Michal Galkowski
(Zaehle department )
CoMet / AIRSPACE status update: estimating emissions on regional to local scales using WRF-GHG tagged tracer simulations coupled to analytical Bayesian inversion system