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 January 07, 2016
 Jens Kattge
(Wirth Fellow group)
The global spectrum of plant form and function

Miguel Mahecha
(Reichstein department)
The emerging Earth System Data Cube
 January 28, 2016
 Arne Leider
(Hallmann group)
Enhanced procedural blank control for organic geochemical studies
 February 04, 2016
 Dhanya Pillai
(Heimann department)
The role of high resolution satellite observations on constraining regional sources and sinks of greenhouse gases
 February 11, 2016
 Juliane Geller
Local polynomial regression for dependent data

Shaun Levick
(Trumbore department)
From Remote Sensing to Virtual Reality
 February 25, 2016
 Jianbei Huang
(Trumbore department)
C allocation in winter wheat under low CO2

Fabio Boschetti
(Heimann department)
Extracting gasoline from water
 March 03, 2016
 Ronny Thoms
(Trumbore department)
Unraveling carbohydrate transport mechanisms in young beech trees (Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea) by 13 CO2 efflux measurements from stem and soil

Thomas Behrendt
(Trumbore department)
VOCs from the Amazonian soils - Bridging the gap between biogeochemical processes and atmospheric chemistry
 March 10, 2016
 Henrik Hartmann
(Trumbore department)
Understanding the roles of non-structural carbohydrates in forest trees – from what we can measure to what we want to know

Ingo Schöning
(Reichstein/Trumbore department)
The hidden impact of forest management on the decomposition of soil organic matter
 March 18, 2016
 Martin Heimann
(Heimann department)
Winter challenge 2015/2016: results, award and outlook
 March 31, 2016
 Oscar Pérez Priego
(Reichstein department)
Invalidation of eddy covariance latent heat by independent component measurements

Carlos Sierra
(Theoretical Ecosystem Ecology group)
Why Theoretical Ecosystem Ecology? Introduction to Research Group
 April 07, 2016
 Mirco Migliavacca
(Reichstein department)
Overview of the Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions and Experimentation group

Bernhard Ahrens
(Reichstein department)
Global patterns of soil organic carbon as simulated by the COMISSION model: status and challenges
 April 21, 2016
 Sabrina Arnold
(Heimann department)
Origins and seasonality of greenhouse gases over the South Atlantic Ocean

Shreeya Verma
(Heimann department)
Using aircraft profiles for satellite total column validation: stratospheric extension and validation approach
 May 12, 2016
 Markus Müller
(Sierra group)
Resilience and ISS: Application of Input to State Stability to Reservoir Models

Julia Marshall
(Heimann department)
The impact of a clear-sky bias on carbon dioxide fluxes inferred from satellite measurements
 May 26, 2016
 Maik Renner
(Kleidon group)
Forest transpiration in complex terrain: first order physical controls and plant physiological trade-offs

Paul Bodesheim
(Reichstein department)
Upscaling diurnal cycles of GPP and annual tree ring increments
 June 16, 2016
 Milan Flach
(Reichstein department)
Hot Spots of Change in Multivariate Earth Observations

Thomas Wutzler
(Reichstein/Trumbore department)
Soil enzyme allocation strategies affect long term soil organic matter cycling and nutrient recycling
 June 30, 2016
 Chirag Dhara
(Kleidon group)
A simple explanation for the differing climate and hydrologic sensitivity found in reanalysed observations and GCMs
 July 01, 2016
 until August 10

 August 11, 2016
 Sönke Zähle
(Reichstein/Heimann department)
Nitrogen and the question of future allowable emissions

Frederike Wittkopp
(Moossen group)
Sea surface Temperatures of the Japan Sea since the Mid-Miocene – drivers and biases
 August 18, 2016
 Angelika Thuille
(Schulze group)
FloraIncognita: Interaktive Pflanzenbestimmung mit mobilen Endgeräten?

Vanessa-Nina Roth
(Trumbore department)
Revealing the terrestrial freshness signal in low molecular weight dissolved organic matter
 September 01, 2016
 Yosuke Hoshino
(Hallmann group)
Early evolution of sterols in the Neoproterozoic

Nicolas Dalle Valle
(Schrumpf group)
Predicting Macro Pore Flow from High Frequency Soil Moisture Time Series by Inversion of a 1D Dual Permeability Model
 September 15, 2016
 Julia Baumert
(Trumbore department)
Magical Charcoal - Can it act as a reliable carbon sink?

Susan Trumbore
(Trumbore department)
Radiocarbon constraints imply reduced future soil carbon uptake
 October 13, 2016
 Haiyang Zhang
(Trumbore department)
Rising CO2 concentration from glacial to present decreases leaf water d18O but not cellulose d18O

Sven Boese
(Reichstein department)
Semi-Empirical Models of Water-Use Efficiency - The Role of Physical Drivers
 October 27, 2016
 Lennart van Maldegem
(Hallmann group)
Intense heterotrophy in the aftermath of Snowball Earth

Stefan Karlowsky
(Trumbore department)
Biodiversity and management effects on the resilience of mountain grassland to drought
 November 10, 2016
 Martina Franz
(Reichstein/Heimann department)
The ozone module in OCN - description, evaluation and sensitivity analysis

Fanny Kittler
(Heimann department)
Seasonal patterns and annual budgets of CO2 and CH4 fluxes based on year-round eddy-covariance measurements
 November 24, 2016
 Luise Eichhorn
(Heimann department)
Reconstruction of environmental change and sedimentation processes during the Pleniglacial using fluvio-lacustrine sediments from volcanically-dammed Paleolake Alf, West Eifel Volcanic Field, Germany
 December 01, 2016
 Stefan Karlowsky
(Trumbore department)
Biodiversity and management effects on the resilience of mountain grassland to drought

Marion Schrumpf
(Trumbore/Reichstein department)
Carbon stocks and ages in soil of Siberia
 December 08, 2016
 Jacob Nelson
(Reichstein department)
Water stress induced breakdown of carbon-water relations

Sujan Koirala
(Reichstein department)
Global pattern of groundwater-vegetation spatial covariation
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