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Honors and Awards

  • Roland A. Werner received the Karleugen-Habfast-Prize 2001 of the German Association for Stable Isotope Research (GASIR) for his contribution to automated 18O/16O analysis on organic material and for the interpretation of δ18O signatures in natural compounds.
  • For BGC IsoLab, Willi A. Brand received the 2003 Fundamental Science Award of the Thuringian Ministry for Research and Art. The prize was awarded for our collaborative work on a possible inorganic genesis of ammonia on earth in pre-biotic times. Cooperation partners were the Institute of Technical and Environmental Chemistry (G. Kreisel) and the Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry (W. Weigand) at the University of Jena. A popular style overview of this work has been written for the Max-Planck Research magazine (issue 3/2004, pages 44-49). The original work has been published as
M. Dörr, J. Käßbohrer, R. Grunert, G. Kreisel, W.A. Brand, R.A. Werner, H. Geilmann, C. Apfel, C. Robl, and W. Weigand, 'A possible Prebiotic Formation of Ammonia from Dinitrogen on Iron Sulfide Surfaces', Angew. Chemie 42 (2003) 1540-1543
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