Main Focus

I have previously worked on environmental problems as floods alerts provided by Probabilistic Graphical Models (PGMs), with my collaboration with Rosa F. Ropero and Rafael Rumi (Universidad de Almería).

I would like to invest my expertise and knowledge of Machine Learning and Modelling in the field of earth sciences, so that I can work on real applications and also learn how and in which phases Machine Learning tools can be useful for this area.

Curriculum Vitae

Brief Research CV:

My current position is Titular de Universidad (since 2012) in Universidad de Castilla - La Mancha (UCLM), having worked in academia since 2000. My PhD thesis (2005) was focused on advanced inference algorithms for Bayesian Networks. Its strongest contributions were incremental inference techniques and the development of new abductive methods. My research career has later evolved towards machine learning and data science where not only probabilistic graphical models (PGMs) were used, but also other paradigms such as evolutionary computation, rule systems, SVMs, decision trees, neural networks, ... I have also worked on modelling and expert elicitation, more especially during my collaboration(s) with Prof. Ann Nicholson and her team in Monash Univ. (Australia).

I have wide experience on particular applications in multiple domains such as medicine, robotics, farming, environmental sciences (in collaboration with university of Almería) or multimedia data. 


1995 - 1998: Computer Science Engineering (BSc). First National Award (link)

1998 - 2000: Computer Science Engineering (MSc). Erasmus grant for Final Master Thesis Project

2000 - 2005: PhD Student in Computer Science & Assistant Professor

2005: Doctoral thesis.- Bayesian networks Inference: Advanced algorithms for triangulation and partial abductionThesis supervisors: José Antonio Gámez (UCLM) and Serafín Moral (UGR). Oral Defence: 21 November 2005. European Doctorate. Download pdf file here.


2000 - 2005: Assistant Professor

2005 - 2012: Contracted Lecturer

2012 - today: Permanent Associate Professor

Pre- and post-doctoral research stays

2003: 6-month stay, Feb to July at  Aalborg University (Denmark). Collaborator: Kristian G. Olesen

2008: 3-month stay, Feb to Apr at Monash University (Australia). Collaborator: Ann E. Nicholson

2011: 1-month stay, Apr at Nantes Polytech (France). Collaborator: Phillipe Leray

Theses supervised

  • New models and algorithms for semi-naive Bayesian classification focused on the AODE paradigm (2012). Ana M. Martinez (link)
  • Non-Standard classification algorithms for image-based problems (2021) . Fernando Rubio Perona (link)
  • Currently, I co-supervise four theses with these three main topics:
    • Assesment of image quality from the aesthetics perspective
    • Learning intelligent systems for music information retrieval
    • Reinforcement learning applied to Probabilistic Graphical Models

Projects, publications & research-related activities

The results from my research have been communicated in the scientific community, being especially remarkable 22 papers in international journals (20 of them JCR-indexed: 7 in Q1, 11 in Q2 and 2 in Q3), 3 book chapters, and more than 30 conference papers.

I have collaborated in more than 10 research projects: national, regional and also R&D in collaboration with companies.

I have participated in the organisation of international conferences (BMWA, WiDS, PGM).

I belong to many program committees, including UAI, NeurIPS, ICML and ECML. 

As reviewer, I have participated in more than twenty JCR-indexed international journals of my research areas, and I have evaluated research projects from national calls (ANEP in Spain and NWO in the Netherlands).


I have got certified C2 level in English by CPE from Cambridge University (2016), previously B2 (FCE, 1998) and C1 (CAE, 2009).
I also have B2 level in French (Official School of Language - EOI, Spain). 

Related Courses

Completion of MOOC Machine Learning in Weather & Climate. April 2023

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