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Publikationen von Birgit Schulze

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Schulze, B.; Wirth, C.; Linke, P.; Brand, W. A.; Kuhlmann, I.; Horna, V.; Schulze, E.-D.: Laser ablation-combustion-GC-IRMS - a new method for online analysis of intra-annual variation of δ 13C in tree rings. Tree Physiology 24 (11), S. 1193 - 1201 (2004)
Wirth, C.; Schulze, E.-D.; Kusznetova, V.; Milyukova, I.; Hardes, G.; Siry, M.; Schulze, B.; Vygodskaya, N. N.: Comparing the influence of site quality, stand age, fire and climate on aboveground tree production in Siberian Scots pine forests. Tree Physiology 22 (8), S. 537 - 552 (2002)
Leuning, R.; Kelliher, F. M.; De Pury, D. G. G.; Schulze, B.: Leaf nitrogen, photosynthesis, conductance and transpiration: scaling from leaves to canopies. Plant, Cell and Environment 18 (10), S. 1183 - 1200 (1995)
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