Publications of Martin Heimann

Book Chapter (38)

Book Chapter
Oeschger, H.; Siegenthaler, U.; Heimann, M.: The carbon cycle and its perturbation by man. In: Interactions of Energy and Climate: Proceedings of an International Workshop held in Münster, Germany, March 3–6, 1980, pp. 107 - 127. Springer Netherlands (1980)
Book Chapter
Siegenthaler, U.; Heimann, M.; Oeschger, H.: Model responses of the atmospheric CO2 level and 13C/12C ratio to biogenic CO2 input. In: Carbon dioxide, climate and society; proceedings of a IIASA Workshop, consponsored by WMO, UNEP, and SCOPE, Febr. 21 - 24, 1978, pp. 79 - 87. Pergamon Press, Oxford (1978)

Conference Paper (3)

Conference Paper
Timokhina, A.; Prokushkin, A.; Korets, M.; Gerbig, C.; Heimann, M.: Assessing of concentration footprint climatology at Zotino tall tower observatory (ZOTTO) in the boreal forest of central Siberia. In: Water Resources, Forest, Marine and Ocean Ecosystems Conference Proceedings, SGEM 2016, Vol. 2, pp. 487 - 494. (2016)
Conference Paper
Panov, A. V.; Prokushkin, A. S.; Korets, M. A.; Bryukhanov, A. V.; Myers-Pigg, A. N.; Louchouarn, P.; Sidenko, N. V.; Amon, R.; Andreae, M. O.; Heimann, M.: Linking trace gas measurements and molecular tracers of organic matter in aerosols for identification of ecosystem sources and types of wildfires in Central Siberia. In: IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Vol. 48, pp. 1 - 8 (Ed. Gordov, E.). (2016)
Conference Paper
Hoffmann, G.; Heimann, M.: Water tracers in the ECHAM general circulation model. Proceedings of the International Symposium in Studying Past and Current Environmental Changes in the Hydrosphere and the Atmosphere, IAEA, April 19-23, Vienna, Austria, (1993)

Report (2)

Heimann, M.; Feichter, J.: A comparison of three-dimensional atmospheric transport models by means of simulations of 222Radon (Large scale atmospheric modelling: report, 8). Meteorologisches Institut, Hamburg (1990), 31 pp.
Heimann, M.; Monfray, P.: Spatial and temporal variation of the gas exchange coefficient for CO2: 1. Data analysis and global validation. Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg (1989)

Data Publication (2)

Data Publication
Jordan, A.; Moossen, H.; Rothe, M.; Brand, W. A.; Heimann, M.; Rödenbeck, C.: Atmospheric flask sampling program of MPI-BGC, version 2022.1. (2022)
Data Publication
Heimann, M.; Jordan, A.; Brand, W. A.; Lavrič, J. V.; Moossen, H.; Rothe, M.: The atmospheric flask sampling program of MPI-BGC, Version 13, 2022. (2022)

Preprint (2)

Raab, S.; Castro-Morales, K.; Hildebrandt, A.; Heimann, M.; Vonk, J. E.; Zimov, N.; Göckede, M.: Small-scale hydrological patterns in a Siberian permafrost ecosystem affected by drainage. (2023)
Baldocchi, D.; Ciais, P.; Cramer, W.; Ehleringer, J.; Farquhar, G.; Field, C. B.; Ghazi, A.; Gifford, R.; Heimann, M.; Houghton, R. et al.; Kabat, P.; Kšrner, C.; Lambin, E.; Linder, S.; Mooney, H. A.; Murdiyarso, D.; Post, W. M.; Prentice, I. C.; Raupach, M. R.; Schimel, D. S.; Shvidenko, A.; Valentini, R.; Steffen, W.; Noble, I.; Canadell, J.; Apps, M.; Schulze, E. D.; Jarvis, P. G.: The terrestrial carbon cycle: Implications for the Kyoto Protocol. (2022)
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