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Group Members

Group leader:

  • Axel Kleidon, Leader of the biospheric theory and modelling group.


  • currently open.

PhD Students:

Master Students and Interns:

currently none.

Former members:

  • Maik Renner, former Postdoc, on thermodynamics, land-atmosphere interactions and hydrology.
  • Luigi Conte, former intern, working on thermodynamics and surface energy balance partitioning in Amazonia.
  • Muye Du, former guest student from Fubao Sun's group in China. Works on climate change effects in China.
  • Sonja Germer, former Postdoc.
  • Alexander Glaser, former MSc student.
  • Jordy van der Pol, former intern.
  • Chirag Dhara, former PhD student.
  • Hisashi Ozawa, professor, sabbatical visitor from Hiroshima University, Japan.
  • Lee Miller, former PhD student and postdoc, now at Harvard University, USA.
  • Christopher Franz, former bachelor student (FSU).
  • Aljosa Slamersak, former Master student intern, Univ. Wageningen.
  • Alessio Leins, former bachelor student (FSU).
  • Sarah Jukna, former bachelor student (FSU).
  • Philipp Porada, former PhD student, now working with Chr. Beer, Univ. Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Simon Bowring, former Master student intern, Univ. Wageningen.
  • Kristin Bohn, former PhD student, now at Friedrich Schiller University, Jena.
  • Corina Buendia, former PhD student, now in Columbia.
  • Susanne Arens, former PhD student, now in Denmark.
  • Fabian Gans, former PhD student, now at the department of biogeochemical integration, MPI for Biogeochemistry.
  • Ryan Pavlick, former PhD student and Postdoc, now at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  • Nathaniel Virgo, former Postdoc, now in Japan.
  • Eugenio Simoncini, former Postdoc, now at the Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arretri, Firenze, Italy.
  • Christian Oehler, former Masters student.
  • Darren Drewry, former NSF International Research Fellow, now at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory..
  • James Dyke, former Postdoc, now at the University of Southhampton.
  • Stan Schymanski, former Postdoc, now at ETH Zurich.
  • Björn Reu, former PhD student working on the JeDi model, now at the Industrial University of Santander, Columbia.
  • Nate Brunsell, former visiting Humboldt Research Fellow during a sabbatical year from the University of Kansas.
  • Andreas Ostrowski, former programmer.
  • Xiangke Xu, former visiting PhD student from CAS, Beijing, China.
  • Philipp Kynast, former hiwi student.
  • Pablo Paiewonsky, former MA student (UMD); now in the PhD program in Atmospheric Science at State University of New York at Albany.
  • Jatin Narula, former intern from IIT-Madras, India.
  • Sameer Patwardhan, former intern from IIT-Bombay, India.
  • Charles Low, former undergraduate student (UMD).
  • Jamison Howard, former undergraduate student (UMD).
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