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Who belongs to the alumni?

Within the Max Planck Society all former scientific and non-scientific members, diploma and PhD students, fellowship holders, and postdocs as well as guest scientists who spent at minimum six months at the institute are part of the alumni.

Registration as MPI-BGC alumnus

All former members of the institute are invited to register.

1. Complete the registration form
2. or send an email to:

Alumni Representatives

Susanne Héjja
Phone: +49 (0)3641 57 6801

Dr. Steffi Rothhardt
Phone: +49 (0)3641 57 6260

Registration as MPG-Alumnus

Registration with Max Planck Alumni Association, it is open to all former and current employees who have worked at the max Planck Society for more than six months.

Alumni Activities in the Max Planck Society



Retrospective 1997-2007 (pdf)

Useful Links

Alumniportal Deutschland - a social network designed to promote networking and sharing of information among Germany-Alumni, companies, universities and organisations.

Jena Experiment field site in the river Saale flood plain (Photo: Field Experiments group) Flooding of the Jena Experiment field site in 2010 (Photo: Field Experiments group ) Elephants visiting the field station in Zambia (Photo: Olaf Kolle)
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