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We contribute to the understanding of how living organisms – including humans - exchange fundamental resources like water, carbon, nitrogen and energy with their environment, and how this affects and responds to global climate and environmental change.


Climate change threatens European Forests
February 23, 2021
Windthrow, insect attacks, fire - forests are increasingly exposed to these hazards. A new study examines the vulnerability of Europe's forests in relation to climate change. more

Prolongation of our graduate school
January 18, 2021
The graduate school jointly operated by the MPI-BGC and the FSU is again successfully extended. more

Corona pandemic leads to record decline in global CO2 emissions
December 11, 2020
Worldwide, CO2 emissions have fallen sharply as a result of the Corona crisis. MPI-BGC scientists are involved in balancing the global carbon budget. more

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Recent Publications

A new and improved online catalogue of all extant vascular plant names available
Freiberg, M., Winter, M., Gentile, A., Zizka, A., Muellner-Riehl, A. N., Weigelt, A., Wirth, C. (2021) Taxon. 70, 223-223. doi:10.1002/tax.12441

Emergent vulnerability to climate-driven disturbances in European forests
Forzieri, G., Girardello, M., Ceccherini, G., Spinoni, J., Feyen, L., Hartmann, H., Beck, P. S. A., Camps-Valls, G., Chirici, G., Mauri, A., Cescatti, A. (2021) Nature Communications. 12, 1081. doi:10.1038/s41467-021-21399-7

Direct and indirect effects of management intensity and environmental factors on the functional diversity of lichens in central European forests
Boch, S., Saiz, H., Allan, E., Schall, P., Prati, D., Schulze, E. D., Hessenmöller, D., Sparrius, L. B., Fischer, M. (2021) Microorganisms. 9, 463. doi:10.3390/microorganisms9020463

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Biogeochemical Processes (Trumbore)
Biogeochemical Integration (Reichstein)
Biogeochemical Signals (Zaehle)

Research Groups

Molecular Biogeochemistry (Gleixner)
Organic Paleobiogeochemistry (Hallmann)
Biogeochemical Systems (Heimann)
Biospheric Theory & Modeling (Kleidon)
Hydrology-Biosphere-Climate (Orth)
Carbon Balance & Ecosystems (Schulze)
Theoretical Ecosystem Ecology (Sierra)
Functional Biogeography (Wirth & Kattge)

Video and Audio

The Jena Experiment (video)
Klima - der Kohlenstoffkreislauf (video)

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Future Events

MINT Festival Jena
September 14 - September 16, 2021

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March 04, 2021
2:00 pm internal seminar
Sandra Raab

Spatio-temporal hydrological patterns at a small-scale site in North-East Siberia - a comparative study between a drained and a control site

March 11, 2021
2:00 pm internal seminar
Nora Linscheid
(department Reichstein)
t. b. a.

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