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We contribute to the understanding of how living organisms – including humans - exchange fundamental resources like water, carbon, nitrogen and energy with their environment, and how this affects and responds to global climate and environmental change.


"Everything flows" in the ecosystem
August 05, 2019
New assessment of the molecular composition of organic compounds in soil water indicates complex ecosystem processes lined by water transport in soil. more

Scientists for one day: primary school children on excursion with Flora Incognita
July 31, 2019
Primary school children in summer camp at Jenaplan School discover plant characteristics and identify flowers and grasses with the Flora Incognita App. more

Climate-Worsened Stresses Hinder Tropical Forest Recovery
June 26, 2019
How do forests recover from climate change-worsened stresses like fire and drought? 14 years of measurements at the Tanguro ranch research station in the Brazilian Amazon have been evaluated. more

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Recent Publications

Monthly gridded data product of northern wetland methane emissions based on upscaling eddy covariance observations
Peltola, O., Vesala, T., Gao, Y., Räty, O., Alekseychik, P., Aurela, M., Chojnicki, B., Desai, A. R., Dolman, A. J., Euskirchen, E. S., Friborg, T., Göckede, M., Helbig, M., Humphreys, E., Jackson, R. B., Jocher, G., Joos, F., Klatt, J., Knox, S. H., Kutzbach, L., Lienert, S., Lohila, A., Mammarella, I., Nadeau, D. F., Nilsson, M. B., Oechel, W. C., Peichl, M., Pypker, T., Quinton, W., Rinne, J., Sachs, T., Samson, M., Schmid, H. P., Sonnentag, O., Wille, C., Zona, D., Aalto, T. (2019) Earth System Science Data. 11, 1263-1289. doi:10.5194/essd-11-1263-2019.

Quantifying the impact of emission outbursts and non-stationary flow on eddy covariance CH4 flux measurements using wavelet techniques
Göckede, M., Kittler, F., Schaller, C. (2019) Biogeosciences. 16, 3113-3131. doi:10.5194/bg-16-3113-2019.

Small altitudinal change and rhizosphere affect the SOM light fractions but not the heavy fraction in European beech forest soil
De Feudis, M., Cardelli, V., Massaccesi, L., Trumbore, S. E., Antisari, L. V., Cocco, S., Corti, G., Agnelli, A. (2019) Catena. 181, 104091. doi:10.1016/j.catena.2019.104091.

Estimating shortwave clear-sky fluxes from hourly global radiation records by Quantile Regression
Renner, M., Wild, M., Schwarz, M., Kleidon, A. (2019) Earth Planets Space. doi:10.1029/2019EA000686.

The climate mitigation potential of managed versus unmanaged spruce and beech forests in Central Europe
Schulze, E. D., Stupak, I., Hessenmöller, D. (2019) In J. C. M. Pires, A. L. D. C. Gonçalves (Eds.), Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage: Using Natural Resources for Sustainable Development. 131-149.

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Biogeochemical Processes (Trumbore)
Biogeochemical Integration (Reichstein)
Biogeochemical Systems (N.N.)

Research Groups

Molecular Biogeochemistry (Gleixner)
Organic Paleobiogeochemistry (Hallmann)
Biospheric Theory & Modeling (Kleidon)
Hydrology-Biosphere-Climate (Orth)
Carbon Balance & Ecosystems (Schulze)
Theoretical Ecosystem Ecology (Sierra)
Functional Biogeography (Wirth & Kattge)
Terrestrial Biosphere Modelling (Zaehle)

Video and Audio

The Jena Experiment (video)
Klima - der Kohlenstoffkreislauf (video)

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Future Events

ATTO Meeting in Manaus
September 16 - September 18, 2019

Extreme Events - Building Climate Resilient Societies
October 09 - October 11, 2019

Career steps meeting for postdoctoral researchers
October 28, 2019

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August 29, 2019
2:00 pm
Murray Moinester
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide

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