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Workshop on Eddy Covariance
May 18 - May 22, 2015

Eddy Covariance Tower Wetzstein

General information

This workshop will cover 5 days, split up into a scientific seminar (1 day) at the beginning, followed by the eddy-covariance course (4 days) focusing on theory, instrumentation and data processing skills. During the seminar section, the participants (students and instructors) will present major research objectives from their sites, and latest results from their own research. The course itself will consist of lectures, hands-on classes with software tools, instrument sessions the laboratory, and an excursion to the MPI-BGC field site at the Wetzstein.

Target group

This workshop is offered to external collaborators from national and international observation sites where MPI-BGC is actively involved in the conducted research. In addition, the workshop will also be open to interested students within the MPI-BGC graduate program, IMPRG-gBGC. Maximum size of participants is set to 20.

Please find additional information in the pdf workshop agenda for download.

workshop agenda
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