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Workshop on Ecosystem Processes
October 28, 2013
Within the biodiversity exploratories the workshop on ecosystem processes will be held from October 20-30 at MPI-BGC.
Stay tuned for further information.


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GEOCARBON conference
October 1, 2013
The GEOCARBON conference 'Towards a Global Carbon Observing System: Progresses and Challenges' is being held in Geneva, 1-2 October 2013.

The Conference is open to the global community working on carbon cycle monitoring, from scientists and data providers to potential users and stakeholders. The aim is to present recent results and achievements in observing and modeling C-cycle and GHG, at any level: research, monitoring, methodology, policy, infrastructure, etc. The final aim is to gather elements useful for the design of a global carbon cycle observing system and to produce a list of recommendations dedicated to policy makers and that should be distributed at the next GEO Ministerial Summit (January 2014).

Webseite GEOCARBON / GEOCARBON webpage

International ZOTTO workshop
September 16, 2013
The response of Northern Eurasion ecosystems to global climate change: From observations to forecasting

The workshop will bring together researchers from all over the world to mark the prospects and needs for action regarding various aspects of boreal and arctic regions in a changing world. Contributions dealing both with research related to ZOTTO and to any other boreal/arctic region are welcome. ZOTTO has a large synergetic potential in the context of forthcoming research projects in the boreal and arctic Eurasia. The workshop is intended to help foster collaboration and networking in order to increase the scientific output of ongoing projects and prepare the way for future projects in the boreal/arctic region. We look forward to welcoming you in Krasnoyarsk and ZOTTO.

Projektwebseite / project webpage

1st Circular

Symposium Functional Biogeography
May 30, 2013
Symposium in honor of the newly appointed Max Planck Fellow Christian Wirth and the concomitant launch of the research group 'Functional Biogeography'.

Start: 4 pm, Lecture Hall

Webseite Funktionelle Biogeographie / webpage Functionel Biogeography

ESRP meeting
May 22, 2013
Annual meeting of the scientists from the institutes comprising the Earth System Partnership (ESRP), the Max Planck institutes for Biogeochemistry (Jena), for Chemistry (Mainz) and for Meteorology (Hamburg).

Venue: Mainz

ICOS-D Annual Meeting
April 24, 2013
Annual meeting of the German contributors to the European ICOS research infrastructure to decipher the greenhouse gas balance

ICOS Webseite / ICOS webpage

Retreat Jena Experiment
April 8, 2013
The Jena Experiment is one of the longest biodiversity experiments in Europe studying diversity effects in European grassland communities for more than 10 years. This week the scientists meet at the institute to discuss their results and further planning.

Webseite Jena Experiment / webpage of the Jena Experiment

Conference on Climate Extremes
April 2, 2013
Open Science Conference on Climate Extremes & Biogeochemical Cycles

From April 2 to 5, 2013 international scientists will meet in Seefeld, Austria, to discuss the impact of weather extremes on global biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems.

Projektwebseite / project webpage

Greencycles II Training Workshop IV
February 25, 2013
Nitrogen in the Earth System: The training workshop within the Greencycles II Marie-Curie Initial Training Network is addressed to PhD-students working on nitrogen cycle aspects (or generally in the field of biogeochemistry and climate) both from an experiments and modelling perspective.

Workshop Webseite / workshop webpage


IGAS kick-off meeting
January 28, 2013
The new collaborative IGAS Earth observation project, supported by EU's FP7, invites all participants of the 7 work packages to the kick-off meeting in Jena.

Projektwebseite / project webpage


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