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Field Experiments & Instrumentation

Olaf Kolle

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Supporting the realization and maintenance of experimental and measuring field sites

Our service group is dedicated to the scientific-technical planning of experimental projects and their realization into action at field sites, in close cooperation with our scientific departments and research groups.

Our tasks include

  • Selecting and purchasing of sensors, instruments and equipment
  • Conception, arrangement, assembly and operation of measurement systems (in laboratory, in aircrafts, at field sites), extended field installations and power supply systems
  • Preparation, organisation and accomplishment of measurement campaigns and expeditions
  • Preparation and supervision of experiments in the institute’s greenhouse
  • Maintenance, calibration and repair of sensors, instruments, equipment and site installations
  • Development of software for acquisition, processing, analysis and quality check of measured data
  • Archiving, backup and supply of data from continuous measurements or campaigns

Major projects include

  • Planning, assembling and improvement of eddy-covariance stations and other continuous measurement sites in Germany (Hainich, Gebesee, Leinefelde, Mehrstedt, Wetzstein, Jena), Russia (Federovskoje, Zotino) and Brazil (Tanguro)
  • Planning, assembling and operation of field experiments in Germany (Jena, Sulza), Brazil (Manaus), Spain (Teneriffa, La Palma) and Russia (Jenissei area, Cherskii).

Eddy-covariance-system on agricultural land close to Gebesee, Thuringia, Germay (photo: Nadine Hempel) View in the depth from the measurement tower at the Hainich National Park, Thuringia, Germany (photo: Steffen Schmidt) Studies on soil columns and plants in a climate chamber (photo: Karl Kübler) Solar power system for a measurement site close to Mongu in Zambia, Africa (photo: Waldemar Ziegler) 300 m tower to measure trace gases and meteorological conditions close to Zotino, Siberia (photo: Michael Hielscher)
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