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Armin Jordan, Dr.

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Providing trace gas analyses and reference standards

Understanding changes in the atmospheric budgets of greenhouse and related gases and the respective driving forces are core research questions of the MPI-BGC. Atmospheric measurement data are a key element in such investigations. The validity of scientific conclusions based on these records critically depends on the quality of the data.

One main focus of the GasLab is to assure the high accuracy of measurements of air samples from continuous atmospheric monitoring activities and targeted campaigns made by the department of Biogeochemical Systems. Work performed for the department of Biogeochemical Processes mainly covers the analysis of soil, air and samples taken during chamber experiments (e.g. soil incubation and plant respiration studies).

GasLab is the Central Calibration Laboratory for H2 in air of the 'Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW)' program by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Easy-to-understand fact sheet of the lab (pdf)


  • High accuracy analysis of trace gas mixing ratios (CO2, CH4, N2O, H2, CO, SF6) in flask air samples(~ 3000 per year)
  • Production and calibration of reference standards for MPI-BGC monitoring stations, for other research institutes as part of “Transnational Access” provided through European infrastructure projects (currently InGOS-project) and in its function as WMO-CCL (~ 150 per year)
  • Implementation of new analytical methods and improvement of existing procedures

Major equipment

  • 3 gas chromatographs (Agilent 6890 GC-FID-ECD-PDD, Trace Analytical RGA3) for CH4, CO2, N2O, SF6, H2 and CO analysis
  • LoFlo-CO2 analyzer
  • Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy analyzer (Picarro G 1301) for CO2 and CH4 analysis
  • Vacuum UV Fluorescence analyzer (Aero-Laser AL5002) for CO analysis
  • Facilities for production of compressed air mixtures of targeted composition as standard gases
Gas cylinders with reference gases (photo: Michael Hielscher) Flask analyser system (photo: Michael Hielscher ) Loflo analyzer (photo: Michael Hielscher) Compressor system (photo: Michael Hielscher) Spiking system (photo: Michael Hielscher)
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