Precipitation recorded at Jena

Data of Figures 2-6 are obtained from the German weather service (DWD), recorded at the Sternwarte (Schillergässchen). Updates are compiled every day around 10:40.


Figure 1. 10' precipitation recorded during the last week at the MPI (Beutenberg,  Black) and at the DWD station Sternwarte (Schillergässchen, green).

Graphics:Daily Precipitation, Jena

Figure 2. Daily precipitation recorded during the last month.

Graphics:Daily Precipitation, Jena

Figure 3. Daily precipitation recorded during the last three years. Red line: 30 month moving average


Figure 4. Cumulative precipitation during the current hydrological year (Nov-Oct). Background shading indicates cumulative precipitation climatology computed over the years 1961-1990. Red number: cumulative precipitation until today (Climatological cumulative annual precipitation: 587 mm).


Figure 5. Same as Figure 3 but for the previous hydrological year (Nov-Oct).


Figure 6. Red line: Cumulative precipitation of the previous 30 days plotted for each day of the current year. Background shading indicates the corresponding climatology computed from the Jena records over the years 1901-2000.

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