Ingrid Chanca

PhD student

Ingrid Chanca
Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Postbox 10 01 64 - 07701 Jena, Germany
+ 49 3641 576143
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Research interests

My research focusses on using radiocarbon as a proxy for understanding the carbon cycle dynamics. As a PhD candidate in the ATTO (Amazon Tall Tower Observatory) project, I couple mathematical tools as the compartmental system modelling with radiocarbon measurements on diverse biological materials.

Selected Publications

Jou, R. M., Macario, K. D., Carvalho, C., Dias, R. S., Brum, M. C., Cunha, F. R., Ferreira, C. G., & Chanca, I. S. (2015). Biogenic fraction in the synthesis of polyethylene terephthalate. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 388, 65–68.

de Jesus, P. B., Dias, F. F., de Azeredo Muniz, R., Macário, K. C. D., Seoane, J. C. S., Quattrociocchi, D. G. S., Cassab, R. de C. T., Aguilera, O., de Souza, R. C. C. L., Alves, E. Q., & others. (2017). Holocene paleo-sea level in southeastern Brazil: an approach based on vermetids shells. Journal of Sedimentary Environments, 2(1), 35–48.

Milheira, R. G., Macario, K. D., Chanca, I. S., & Alves, E. Q. (2017). Archaeological earthen mound complex in Patos Lagoon, Southern Brazil: chronological model and freshwater influence. Radiocarbon, 59(1), 195.

Alves, E., Macario, K., Souza, R., Pimenta, A., Douka, K., Oliveira, F., Chanca, I., & Angulo, R. (2015). Radiocarbon reservoir corrections on the Brazilian coast from pre-bomb marine shells. Quaternary Geochronology, 29, 30–35.

Macario, K. D., Gomes, P. R. S., Anjos, R. M., Carvalho, C., Linares, R., Alves, E. Q., Oliveira, F. M., Castro, M. D., Chanca, I. S., Silveira, M. F. M., & others. (2013). The Brazilian AMS Radiocarbon Laboratory (LAC-UFF) and the intercomparison of results with CENA and UGAMS. Radiocarbon, 55(2–3), 325–330.