Markus Müller


Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Postbox 10 01 64 - 07701 Jena, Germany
+ 49 3641

Research interests

My research focuses on the development of mathematical software to help in the understanding of ecosystem models.


I am an geophysicist with experience in all aspects of numerical simulation and automated algebraic manipulations of ODEs and PDEs, including:

  • theoretical numerics,
  • code implementation,
  • parallelisation,
  • machine learning
  • visualisation,
  • creation of unit-testing frameworks, and
  • site administration.


Friedrich Schiller University Jena

  • Ph.D. in geophysics, February 2009 …Dissertation: ”Towards a robust TERRA, Numerical improvements of the TERRA Code” …Advisor: Prof. Dr. Uwe Walzer
  • state exam in mathematics and physics, September 2001 …Thesis:”Quantum statistics of the radiation field at beam splitters” …The state exam is technically comparable to a diploma or M.Sc. and obligatory for teaching at German secondaray schools qualifying for university

Latest Publications

  1. Sierra, C. A., Metzler, H., Müller, M., & Kaiser, E. (2021). Closed-loop and congestion control of the global carbon-climate system. Climatic Change, 165(1), 15.
  2. Ceballos-Núñez, V., Müller, M., & Sierra, C. A. (2020). Towards better representations of carbon allocation in vegetation: a conceptual framework and mathematical tool. Theoretical Ecology, 13(3), 317–332.
  3. Kattge, J., Bönisch, G., Dı́az Sandra, Lavorel, S., Prentice, I. C., Leadley, P., Tautenhahn, S., Werner, G. D. A., Aakala, T., Abedi, M., Acosta, A. T. R., Adamidis, G. C., Adamson, K., Aiba, M., Albert, C. H., Alcántara, J. M., Alcázar C, C., Aleixo, I., Ali, H., … Wirth, C. (2020). TRY plant trait database –enhanced coverage and open access. Global Change Biology, 26(1), 119–188.
  4. Metzler, H., Zhu, Q., Riley, W., Hoyt, A., Müller, M., & Sierra, C. A. (2020). Mathematical Reconstruction of Land Carbon Models From Their Numerical Output: Computing Soil Radiocarbon From C Dynamics. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 12(1), e2019MS001776.
  5. Sierra, C. A., Ceballos-Núñez, V., Metzler, H., & Müller, M. (2018). Representing and Understanding the Carbon Cycle Using the Theory of Compartmental Dynamical Systems. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 10(8), 1729–1734.