Andrés Tangarife

PhD student

Andrés Tangarife-Escobar
Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Postbox 10 01 64 - 07701 Jena, Germany
+ 49 3641 576143

Research interests

I am currently involved in the TransTiP Project “Geoecosystems in transition on the Tibetan Plateau” where my focus is the research on the carbon cycle of peatland ecosystems and its correlation with climate change. My previous experience was related to the understanding of the water cycle in high-mountain regions of the Colombian Andes through geochemical and isotopic proxies (clay mineralogy, hydrochemistry and stable isotopes) and the impacts caused by natural and anthropogenic processes.
Specifically, the project (C5) “Soil warming and timescales of carbon cycling in high elevation peatlands” aims at measuring how temperature and soil moisture variation affect the age and transit time distributions of carbon in high-elevation peatlands on the Tibetan Plateau. These results will undoubtedly contribute to understand the cycling rates of carbon and its release (as respired carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere. With this information, better measures to counteract the effects of climate change can be implemented.
Other than researching, I write a Blog on culture, travel chronicles and stories of hidden and forgotten communities.


Degree Institution Year
M.Sc. in Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering Technische Universität Darmstadt 2017 - 2019
B.Sc. in Geology Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Bogotá 2008 - 2012