A set of simulations using the GSWP2 soil texture map and newly made HWSD-based soil texture map was carried out.

Forcing data: GPCC

Time period: 1979-2007

HWSD: Simulation using HWSD soil texture map

GSWP2: Simulation using GSWP2 soil texture map

Fig. 1: Difference in total runoff (HWSD-GSWP) in mm/year.

Fig. 2: Difference in base runoff (HWSD-GSWP) in mm/year.

Fig. 3: Difference in surface runoff (HWSD-GSWP) in mm/year.

Fig. 4: Difference in total evapotranspiration (HWSD-GSWP) in mm/year.

Fig. 5: Difference in soil evaporation (HWSD-GSWP) in mm/year.

Fig. 6: Difference in transpiration (HWSD-GSWP) in mm/year.

Fig. 7: Annual time series of total runoff in km3/year.

Fig. 8: Annual time series of base runoff in km3/year.

Fig. 9: Annual time series of surface runoff in km3/year.

Fig. 10: Annual time series of total evapotranspiration in km3/year.

Fig. 11: Annual time series of soil evaporation in km3/year.

Fig. 12: Annual time series of transpiration in km3/year.

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