Molecular Biogeochemistry



The research group explores key processes in the global biogeochemical cycles at the molecular level. Biomarkers and their isotopic content hold information on the regulation of the individual processes. The group is developing new tools and is applying existing techniques to investigate single key processes.

Interested in working with us?

We are always looking for interested students who want to pursue a Masters Thesis (preferably in combination with a project module) with us. More information about open positions:
Mikrobielle Aktivität entlang des Bodenprofils.


  • 12.17 - Conference Attendance - At the joint annual meeting of BES, GfÖ, NecoV and EEF in Ghent Markus presented his findings on how Dissolved Organic Matter mediates plant diversity effects on below-ground processes.
  • 12.17 - New Paper Alert - Karlowsky et al. paper about land use in mountain grasslands and drought responses associated with plant microbe interaction is online. This work resulted from a multi-institute collaboration under the umbrella of REGARDS project. Find the paper here
  • 10.17 - New Paper Alert - Martin & Hector (our guest researchers from Patagonia, ARG) published their collaborative work with us. Congratulations! Here is the link.
  • 09.17 - New Paper Alert - Ronny's paper about carbohydrate allocation in Ash and Beech trees is now online. Link
  • 09.17 - Conference Attendance - Su attended the 28th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry 2017.
  • 09.17 - After a hard days work, the group successfully completed the yearly harvest of our C3-C4 vegetation change experiment ending with a rewarding BBQ.
  • 08.17 - Conference Attendance - Yan & Su attended the Goldschmidt Conference 2017.
  • 08.17 - We are one of 14 Ecology Labs watching grass grow. Nature News.
  • 08.17 - For this year's group activity we were hiking around Jena's pretty hillscapes (Mönchsberg).
  • 05.17 - Kasun Gayantha started as PhD student in our group.
  • 04.17 - We had a very productive Writing Retreat at Thann (Bavaria).
  • 04.17 - Conference Attendance - Carsten was at the General Assembly of the EGU 2017 in Vienna.
  • 03.17 - Stefanie & Sebastian successfully defended their Master's Thesis.
  • 02.17 - Conference Attendance - Gerd attended the ASLO Meeting:Mountains to the sea 2017 in Honolulu
  • 02.17 - The 15th anniversary of The Jena Experiment was celebrated with a symposium. Our group contributed from the beginning onwards. Here is an video-graphic description.
  • 02.17 - Yan Li started as Postdoc in our group.
  • 09.16 - Gerd & Carsten attended the IHSS 2016. Carsten was awarded a travel grant to present his work there.


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