Main Focus

I am a technical assistant in the department of Biogeochemical Processes.

I am responsible for organizing and maintaining lab equipment. In the research group Plant Allocation I develop and optimize standard lab methods, in particular for sugar and starch chemistry in plant and tree organs and tissues. In collaboration with Dr. Hilman, we adapt and test these methods also for stable isotope and radio carbon measurements in plant samples.

Ask me about:

Preparation and processing of soil and plant samples

Organization and handling of shared technical equipment

Rules for use for labeled samples and the LaIsoLab (A3.024)

Basic methods of wet chemistry

Lab safety, operation instructions and risk assessment

And so much more ... 

Curriculum Vitae

since 2000     Technical assistant in the Department of Biogeochemical Processes

since 2001     Representative for laboratory security in the Department of Biogeochemical Processes

work - safety - health

First aid helper

Instrument/Inventory Officer in the Department of Biogeochemical Processes

1999              Diploma in Nutrion Science at the Friedrich-Schiller-Univerity of Jena                    

1994              Final secondary-school examinations, Germany

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