The goal of 14Constraint is to enhance the availability and use of radiocarbon data as constraints for process-based understanding of the age distribution of carbon in and respired by soils and ecosystems. A team of researchers who is envisioned who will (1) work collaboratively with others on building an open community database of 14C data; (2) fill gaps in data and understanding by making new radiocarbon measurements in soil and respired CO2, (3) use models to interpret data for improving models of soil C cycling and (4) produce global data products for comparison with models.

The 14Constraint Team

PIs: Susan Trumbore, Carlos Sierra, Marion Schrumpf
Technical support: Kerstin Lohse, Jessica Heublein, Iris Kuhlmann, The Jena 14C analysis Facility
Researchers: Alison Hoyt, Valerie Schwab, Jan Muhr
PhD students: Jeffrey Beem-Miller, Shane Stoner
Collaborating researchers
UC Irvine: Jim Randerson, Xiaomei Xu, Yujie He
Lawrence Berkeley Lab: Margaret Torn

Recent events

  • December 2017 AGU meeting and ICSN Hackathon
    ** November 2017 Powell Center Database workshop with Corey Lawrence
    ** September 2017 Radiocarbon short course
    ** August-October 2017 Visit by Visit by Kateřina Jandová (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)
    ** July- August 2017 Visit by Suzanne Pierre (Cornell University, New York, USA)
    ** July 2017 Installation of the new Micadas AMS system at BGC

Funding from ERC Advanced Grant