ATTO - the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory

ATTO is a joint German-Brazilian project launched in 2009. It is an infrastructure platform for observing forest-atmosphere interactions and their impact on climate, atmospheric chemistry, aerosols and clouds, and greenhouse gases. In its first phase, the project was initiated and the ATTO site was founded jointly by INPA (the Brazilian National Institute for Amazonian Research), and the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry.

Since March 2016, with the tall tower construction complete, ATTO has entered a new phase of research, adding MPI-BGC in a leadership role together with MPI-Chemistry and INPA. Funding during this phase comes from the MCTI (Brazil), BMBF (Germany) and the Max-Planck Society.

The ATTO site has 2 80-m towers and a new 325-m tall tower as well as a field camp, power generators, and laboratory trailers.

We are working on constructing a new web site for ATTO -- coming in the next months --

For a film on ATTO please go to the Earth System Research Partnership website for ATTO