Airborne trace gas measurements and mesoscale modelling (ATM)

Current Projects

Acronym: CoMet 1.0
PI/Co-PIs: Christoph Gerbig
Participating Department Members: Christoph Gerbig, Michal Galkowski

Carbon Dioxide and Methane Mission, is a series of scientific Campaigns using the German research aircraft HALO equipped with with a sophisticated GHG payload (active/passive remote sensing, in-situ continuous and flask sampling). CoMet 1.0 was conducted over Europe with a focus on the upper Silesian coal basin (Poland), while further CoMet missions will target the arctic and the tropics. more
Akronym: ICOS-ERIC
Zeitraum: 4/2012 - 12/2025
PI/Co-PIs: Christoph Gerbig
Participating Department Members: Thomas Koch, Christoph Gerbig

Regular inversions using the CarboScope-Regional inversion framework and ICOS atmosphere CO2 data. more
Acronym: RiGHGorous
Duration: 1/2020 - 1/2023
PI/Co-PIs: Christoph Gerbig
Participating Department Members: David Ho, Christoph Gerbig, Julia Marshall

Research for an Integrated Greenhouse Gas monitoring system and for its Use at DWD, a project funded by to develop a data assimilation system using satellite observations of atmospheric columns, targeted at seperately quantifying fossil and biospheric fluxes of CO2. more
Integrated Greehouse Gas Monitoring System for Germany - Modelling
Acronym: ITMS-M
Duration: 12/2021 - 2/2026
PI/Co-PIs: Christoph Gerbig
Participating Department Members: Christoph Gerbig, Michal Galkowski, Thomas Petroliagkis, Danilo Custodio

The aim of the ITMS is to enable Germany to monitor the sources and sinks of the three most important long-lived greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O) operationally and with the help of independent measurements. The joint project ITMS-M is concerned with the further development of atmospheric modelling that is required, with the participation of the DWD, the KIT, the University of Heidelberg, and the MPI-BGC. more
Erdsystem- und Klimaforschung am Amazonas Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO+)
Acronym: ATTO+
Duration: 8/2021 - 7/2024
PI/Co-PIs: Susan Trumbore
Participating Department Members: Christoph Gerbig, Santiago Botía

Within the ATTO+ project we use a high-resolution inverse modelling framework to fully utilize the atmospheric GHG observations made at the tall tower, in combination with data from other atmosheric measurement locations within the region. The aim is to better constrain the net fluxes of CO2, CH4 and CO, with attention to seasonal and inter-annual variations that are important for process understanding related to the carbon cycle in the Amazon. more

Completed Projects

Acronym: Verify
Duration: 1/2018 - 12/2021
PI/Co-PIs: Martin Jung, Christoph Gerbig
Participating Department Members: Christoph Gerbig, Saqr Munassar, Thomas Koch

Observation-based system for monitoring and verification of greenhouse gases, funded by EU within H2020. Our role is the development and deployment of a pre-operational inversion system for regular reporting of biosphere-atmosphere exchange fluxes for the European domain. For this we use the CarboScope-Regional inversion system. more
Acronym: Airspace
Duration: 7/2017 - 3/2020
PI/Co-PIs: Christoph Gerbig
Participating Department Members: Michal Galkowski, Christoph Gerbig, Julia Marshall

Aircraft remote sensing of greenhouse gases with combined passive and active instruments, is a collaborative project funded by BMBF aimed at supporting the understanding of the global carbon cycle an relevant spatial and temporal scales by developing and testing an airborne scientific payload consisting of active and passive remote sensing in combination with in-situ instruments for deployment onboard the German research aircraft HALO. Apart from our responsibility for accurate in-situ measurements our role is the interpretation of the experimental results with modelling activities to provide estimates of GHG fluxes at regional scales. more
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