Global Biogeochemical Cycles

Wintersemester 2022/2023

Zeit: Mittwochs von 14.00 - 16:00
Raum: Institut für Geowissenschaften, Burgweg 1, Seminarraum (3. OG) & Online
Dozent: Prof. Susan Trumbore

Teilmodul Biogeochemische Stoffkreisläufe (MUGM009, BBGW6.3.5)

Biogeochemische Prozesse in Erdsystem deren Einfluss auf die Kreisläufe von Energie, Wasser, Kohlenstoff, Sauerstoff, Stickstoff und Phosphor Zusammenhänge zwischen biogeochemischen Kreisläufen und Weltklima in der Erdgeschichte


  • Schriftliche Prufung/ written exam (72%) Übungen (excercises - Modeling cycles with R) (27%)
  • Lectures are held in English -- Prüfung, Discussion etc, in German or English (up to the student)
  • Class is held Wednesday 14:00-16:00 ; CLass will sometimes be taught in Zoom - in this cas a link will be sent to students who are registered for the course.
  • Each week will link to a page with links to lecture materials, notes, reading and questions
Date Lecture Notes Reading/excercises/recordings
26.10.2022 Lecture 1 (pdf) Reading - Introduction to BGC (pdf)
2.11.2022 Lecture 2 - Water Cycle (pdf)
9.11.2022.      Lecture 3 (Boaz Hilman) Oxygen Cycle
16.11.2022    Lecture 4 - Chloroflurocarbon and ozone cycles - using tracer molecules to determine interhemispheric mising time  Exercise 1 ( due 30.11.22 )   -as .pdf file       as .doc file.  
includes links to model and data you will need to download
23.11.2022.         Lecture 5.  Oceans -composition/circulation
30.11.2022. Lecture 6 -   The ocean carbon cycle - modern and glacial/interglacial First exercise due!
   07.12.2022    Modern carbon cycle  and feedbacks
     14.12.2022         Link to recorded lecture
Lecture Notes:Feedbacks and Land carbon cycle
Second exercise  (due 11 January)
as .doc file
as. pdf file
Holiday break ---    
04.01.2023.           No class ---
11.01.2023          Methane Cycle answers problems 1
18.01.2023           Sulfur Cycle Third exercise (due 01.02)
as .docx file
as .pdf file
Hint: to calculate gain, use the equation in the feedbacks lecture, with temperature change calculated for  no emission scenario versus BAU scenarios with/without the soil respiration/temperature feedback
25.01.2023           Nitrogen Cycle answers exercise 2
01.02.2023             Phosphorous Cycle
08.02.2023                Summary/Review 
15.02.2023 Prufung - emailed to students @09:00 - return by midnight same day (Should require maximum 2 hours....)
From Questions at the end of the lectures.
Language: German or English (your choice)
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