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We contribute to the understanding of how living organisms – including humans - exchange fundamental resources like water, carbon, nitrogen and energy with their environment, and how this affects and responds to global climate and environmental change.


Sönke Zaehle appointed lead author of the Sixth IPCC Assessment Report
April 18, 2018
The IPCC recently anounced the scientific experts for the Sixth Assessment Report, among them Sönke Zaehle of MPI-BGC. more

Global Carbon Budget 2017 released, supported by MPI-BGC scientists
March 21, 2018
The annual Global Carbon Budget for 2017 was recently published. Christian Rödenbeck and Sönke Zaehle contributed their expertise in atmospheric growth and land net uptake of CO2. more

Kick-off meeting with partner group in Bhopal, India
March 15, 2018
MPI-BGC scientist were visiting the Max Planck Partner Group at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Bhopal. more

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Recent Publications

LPJmL4 – a dynamic global vegetation model with managed land: Part I – Model description
Schaphoff, S., von Bloh, W., Rammig, A., Thonicke, K., Biemans, H., Forkel, M., Forkel, M., Gerten, D., Heinke, J., Jägermeyr, J., Knauer, J., Langerwisch, F., Lucht, W., Müller, C., Rolinski, S., Waha, K. (2018) Geoscientific Model Development. 11, 1343-1375. doi:10.5194/gmd-11-1343-2018.

Plant attributes explain the distribution of soil microbial communities in two contrasting regions of the globe
Delgado-Baquerizo, M., Fry, E. L., Eldridge, D. J., de Vries, F. T., Manning, P., Hamonts, K., Kattge, J., Bönisch, G., Singh, B. K., Bardgett, R. D. (2018) New Phytologist. doi:10.1111/nph.15161.

Foliar nutrient resorption differs between arbuscular mycorrhizal and ectomycorrhizal trees at local and global scales
Zhang, H.-Y., Lü, X.-T., Hartmann, H., Keller, A., Han, X.-G., Trumbore, S. E., Phillips, R. P. (2018) Global Ecology and Biogeography. doi:10.1111/geb.12738.

Phenolic compounds in oil-bearing fluid inclusions: Implications for water-washing and oil migration
Peters, C. A., Hallmann, C., George, S. C. (2018) Organic Geochemistry. 118, 36-46. doi:10.1016/j.orggeochem.2018.02.001.

Spatial patterns and climate relationships of major plant traits in the New World differ between woody and herbaceous species
Simova, I., Violle, C., Svenning, J.-C., Kattge, J., Engemann, K., Sandel, B., Peet, R. K., Wiser, S. K., Blonder, B., McGill, B. J., Boyle, B., Morueta-Holme, N., Kraft, N. J. B., van Bodegom, P. M., Gutierrez, A. G., Bahn, M., Ozinga, W. A., Toszogyova, A., Enquist, B. J. (2018) Journal of Biogeography. 45, 895-916. doi:10.1111/jbi.13171.

An image transform based on temporal decomposition
Cremer, F., Urbazaev, M., Berger, C., Mahecha, M. D., Schmullius, C., Thiel, C. (2018) IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. 15, 537-541. doi:10.1109/LGRS.2018.2791658.

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Biogeochemical Processes (Trumbore)
Biogeochemical Integration (Reichstein)
Biogeochemical Systems (N.N.)

Research Groups

Molecular Biogeochemistry (Gleixner)
Organic Paleobiogeochemistry (Hallmann)
Biospheric Theory & Modeling (Kleidon)
Hydrology-Biosphere-Climate (Orth)
Carbon Balance & Ecosystems (Schulze)
Theoretical Ecosystem Ecology (Sierra)
Functional Biogeography (Wirth & Kattge)
Terrestrial Biosphere Modelling (Zaehle)

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New Advances in Land Carbon Cycle Modeling
May 19 - May 26, 2018

ICOS MSA Meeting
June 05 - June 07, 2018

ESRP Meeting
June 06 - June 08, 2018

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May 03, 2018
2:00 pm internal seminar
Jacob Nelson
(Reichstein department)
t. b. a.

Mirco Migliavacca
(Reichstein department)
t. b. a.

May 17, 2018
2:00 pm internal seminar
Marion Schrumpf
(Reichstein/Trumbore department)
t. b. a.

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