IMPRS-gBGC Career Networking Event 2022


Place: Harnack House in Berlin
Date: May 26-27, 2022

1.  Scope

Our Career Network Event 2022 is a unique opportunity to bring together former and current PhD researchers of the IMPRS-gBGC. We will invite you to meet and develop lasting collaborations, an important aspect for a competitive research profile and helpful for a career outside academia.

Young researchers, in particular those who are about to finish their PhD project can get inspired by the diverse career paths of our alumni and learn from their experience. Alumni from all over the world will join us in the Harnack House and answer questions like "Which skills are considered helpful in academia or science but also in industry or public service?" and "How to balance work and life, family and science?".

The event will take place before the 25th anniversary of the MPI-BGC starting on June 1-4 in Jena.

2.  Items on the agenda

  • Funding opportunities for PostDocs
  • Network building and scientific exchange
  • Keynote lectures from
    • a lecturer, researchers and scientists,
    • a scientific coordinator,
    • a data scientist,
    • a software engineer,
    • a father,
    • a science couple, and, and, and ...
  • Group discussions on work-life balance, publish or perish, dual career, family & science

3.  Costs

To make the event available to as much participants in particular alumni as possible, no registration fee is charged and travel scholarships by the IMPRS-gBGC will be available for selected participants upon request. Details will be announced as soon as possible.

4.  Confirmed participants

Ann-Sophie Lehnert
Ashish Malik
Chirag Dhara
Daniel Magnabosco Marra
David Andres Herrera Ramirez
Emily Solly
Eric Morgan
Fabio Boschetti
Friedemann Reum
Holger Metzler
Huei Ying Gan
Iulia Ilie
Jacob Nelson
Jakob Fischer
Jakob Zscheischler
Julia Joswig
Lailah Gifty Akita
Martin Kunz
Min Jung Kwon
Natalie Schröter
Perla Griselle Mellado Vazquez
Saadat Malghani
Sebastian Sippel
Simon Schröter (neé Benk)
Talie Sadat Musavi

5.  Registration

Alumni have been invited to register. Late-stage PhD researchers will be informed soon.

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