Business Travel

Find information and forms on business travels for employees of the MPI-BGC here. Get support by your departmental office (Ulrike Schleier (BSI office), Anita Maercker (BSI office), Sarah Nuschke (BGI office), Alice Ratajczak (BGI office), Kerstin Lohse (BGP office)) or the IMPRS office if you are in doubt and/or have any questions.


All IMPRS-funded doctoral researchers are entitled to 4500 Euro of funding to support participation in conferences, workshops, summer schools etc. as well as additional support for your research stay (4000 Euro).

Find some basic information on the research stay in this presentation. The coordinator offers group meetings on this every quarter of the year. You will be notified via email.

If you are paid by the FSU

Send your travel dates, name of the event etc. to well in advance of your trip. We will prepare a guest invitation and the reimbursement form that you have to sign. Please hand all your receipts and tickets to us after your return.

If you are an associated IMPRS member …

… talk to your group leader and departmental office (Ulrike Schleier (BSI office), Anita Maercker (BSI office), Alice Ratajczak (BGI office), Sarah Nuschke (BGI office), Kerstin Lohse (BGP office)) about travel reimbursement. If you are based at MPI-BGC, these forms apply.

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