Overview of all open PhD projects

The following PhD projects are offered during the 25th call for applications.
Online application is possible until August 16, 2022.
Third-party funded projects are highlighted with *. [>> learn more & apply]

  • Investigation of functional responses of open water bodies to climate forcing in Siberia * (more info)
  • Hybrid modeling of coupled water-carbon fluxes at the biosphere-atmosphere interface embedded in next-generation Earth system models (more info)
  • Ecological forecasting of dryland vegetation dynamics in a changing world * (more info)
  • Process understanding of dryland vegetation dynamics in a changing world * (more info)
  • Coupled soil and vegetation dynamics under climate change: a model-data integration project with mature forest CO2 experiments (more info)
  • Truffle production: an affair of three? (more info)
  • Reconstruction of subsurface flow networks in the critical zone using natural organic tracers (more info)
  • Optimization of artefact-minimized sampling techniques and devices for monitoring of aeration zone fluids, percolates and mobile inventory (more info)
  • Monitoring structural changes and their significance for up-scaling approaches of ecosystem resilience to climate extremes in distinctive temperate forest stands (more info)
  • Biodiversity impacts on the resistance of soil carbon dynamics to climate extremes (more info)
  • (How) do microorganisms control the natural molecular complexity of dissolved organic matter? (more info)
  • Understanding dissolved organic matter (DOM) by destroying it: Combining metabolomics and bioinformatics to overcome the chimeric nature of DOM (more info)
  • Incorporation of oxygen measurements in soil studies (more info)
  • What can new organic markers reveal about the seasonal metabolism of the tropical critical zone? (more info)
  • Microbial trait-based ecology to link soil communities to carbon cycling (more info)
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