Getting started

1. What should I bring?

In terms of documents, you should bring

  • The originals and officially certified copies and German translations of your high school diploma and all university degrees
  • Your passport
  • A valid visa
  • A copy of your MPI contract / grant and hosting agreement
  • Travel insurance

if applicable:

  • Marriage certificate (incl. certified German translation)
  • Children’s birth certificates (incl. certified German translation)
  • Children’s school certificates (incl. English/German translation)

You will need a number of passport photos (for student ID, a biometric one for the residence permit, etc.) that of course can also be taken in Germany.
If you want to translate and certify documents, you will find translators in this database that are certified by the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators. If you want to have copies of your documents certified, you can contact the legal department of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (website in German).

2. Where will I stay?

You can rent one of the institute's guest rooms (for up to three months) if we know early enough about your arrival date. Here are some additional options for interim solutions because it is much easier to find for long-term accommodation once you are in Jena.

Off-campus housing is very common, e.g. in shared houses or flats. The IMPRS office can, if you wish, assist in finding accommodation. Here are some starting points:

    3. Where can I find additional information?

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