IMPRS workshop 'Transition from Scientist to Data Scientist 2'

Category: Transferable skills
Credit points: 0.2


1.  Time & place

August 21, 2020
Online - it will be a webinar

Approximately timetable
Start: 11.00 am
End: 2.00 pm

2.  The instructor

Dr. Chris Armbruster is a founding member of the AI Guild, Europe's leading AI practioner community. Earlier, he was the Director at Data Science Retreat. He helped roll out digital infrastructures for the 80 Max Planck Institutes, while also researching postdoc careers. Chris will be joined by another meber of the AI Guild with a background in Environmental Sciences.

Data, Data Science, and Deep Learning are increasingly at the center of existing and upcoming businesses. Europe is currently lagging behind and the so-called "AI gap" vis-a-vis East Asia and North America seems to be widening. Some countermeasures are taken by governments funding academic research and businesses hoping to fill their practice-gap by hiring consultants. As industry and startup expert practitioners we find that neither approach helps us close the gap. Researchers typically are focussed on publications rather than business value. Consultants can help companies build prototypes but typically fail to productionize AI. The AI Guild tackles this challenge bottom-up by bringing together practitioners experienced in the AI, startups and industry.

Chris Armbruster also holds free online webinars twice a month.


3.  The class

3.1  Description

The workshop gives you a roadmap for getting your first role in the fastest growing job market for the highly qualified: Data Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning. Chris Armburster will start off by explaining the current working conditions within this field, show the current job market and will show you some examples from researchers from your field.


3.2  Preparation

Please prepare a CV for this course, so Chris can give you some feedback. Here are some useful tips on how to prepare a CV for industry:

On moving from Science to Data Science

A tried-and-tested structure for the CV


4.  Feedback

The feedback of the participants is posted here. Statistics and statements should not be taken as an exhaustive or exclusive


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