IMPRS-gBGC course 'Python' 2017

Category: Skill course
Credit points: 0.2 CP per course day


1.  Concept

This course addresses everybody who is interested in learning Python from scratch. The course is organized in three parts: "Basics" on day one and two, "Advanced Analysis with Python" on day three and "Data Visualisation" on day four. Please sign up for the modules that are of interest for you. If you have any question ie. regarding the level of detail feel free to address the instructors.


2.  Organizational issues

Instructors: Jacob Nelson, Sujan Koirala
Date: February 28, March 6-7 and March 13-14, 2017
Starting time: 9.00 am
Place: Seminar room B0.002 (MPI-BGC)


3.  Agenda

February 28Overview of commonly used programming languages
9:00 amIntroduction to Python, R, MATLAB and Julia
March 6Basics
9:00 am

Intallation and package management

  • Python 2 vs. 3
  • Installation
  • Package management with Anaconda
    • Environments
  • Integrated development environment - spyder

Data types

  • Integers, floats, strings, boolean
  • Lists and dictionaries
  • Arrays
  • Data Cubes
March 7Basics

Structure of a Python Program

  • Writing first code
  • Good practices
  • Writing your own module
  • Adding your programs to the Python path


  • Read data
  • Save data

Mathematical operations in NumPy

  • Arrays
  • Matrices
  • Masks
March 13Advanced Analysis with Python
  • Statistical Analysis
    • SciPy
  • Machine Learning
    • Scikit Learn
  • Pandas
March 14Data Visualisation
  • MatPlotLib
    • Lines and Scatters
    • Maps
  • Interactive Visualization
    • Bokeh
  • Structure of a figure



4.  What you need to prepare

Bring a laptop.

Please also make sure that you can access the internet via WLAN (BGC-users, if you have a BGC-account; BGC-guests, if you don't have an account)


5.  Material

Python in Earth Science


6.  Feedback

The survey gives feedback of 6 participants. Statistics and statements should not be taken as an exhaustive or exclusive list.

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