IMPRS workshop "Communication - How to manage your supervisor ... "

Category: Transferable skills
Credit points: 0.4


1.  Time & place

May 12-13, 2016
MPI for Chemical Ecology


2.  The instructors

Alexander Schiller and Daniel Mertens


3.  Description

Detailed description as pdf
Scientific competence of researchers at Max Planck institutes is usually very good. However, while working hard on scientific output keeping an eye also on good communication within the group is sometimes difficult. It is important to realize that PhD researchers should always try to improve their communication skills, understand group dynamics and know how to use feedback in order to deliver a successful performance.

To provide PhD researchers at IMPRS with an opportunity to build their understanding, skills and confidence in communication with their supervisor, their colleagues and peers. This will enhance their overall effectiveness as they pursue their research studies and maximize success of their future careers.

Participants will experience interactive lectures, moderated group discussions and perform activities in order to learn from first-hand experience. We will safely move them outside of their “comfort zone” to the “learning zone” (Gerald Hüther) to enhance acquisition of novel skills. In addition, we will apply the “invoked insufficiency” to enhance learning. The shortcoming experienced by participants will be resolved in carefully moderated and focused review sessions, using peer-to-peer feedback as powerful tool.

For further details on the content of the course, the instructor can be contacted directly:
For logistic matters (including registration issues), please contact the IMPRS office.


4.  Feedback of the participants

The survey results are available here. Statistics and statements should not be taken as an exhaustive or exclusive list.


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