Biogeochemical Cycles in the Earth System - an Overview

Goal of the module is an overview over the global Earth System, its major components (Atmosphere, ocean, land surfaces and cryosphere), their interactions through exchanges of energy, momentum and materials, and the major physical, chemical and biological processes controlling these exchanges. A special emphasis is given to the role of the global cycles of biogeochemical elements and their modifications in the context of global change.


1.  Overview

CourseCourse leadersDateLocation
Overview: Global Biogeochemical CyclesSusan Trumbore, Martin Heimann
Info for course leaders
February 14-15 + February 18-20, 2013MPI for Biogeochemistry, Jena
Room B0.002

2.  Prerequisites

Please indicate in the registration form if you can bring a laptop to the course (for the practical part). You will need the Wolfram Mathematica Player and a web browser. If you do not have a laptop available, we can lend you one if we know early enough.


3.  Outline

a.m. (I)09:30-10:30
a.m. (II)11:00-12:00
p.m. (I)ca. 14:00-15:30
(will be defined in the morning)
Thursday   Martin Heimann
 a.m. (I + II)LIntroduction - Overview of Earth System - Components and processes in the Earth System (Atmosphere, Ocean, Land surfaces, Hydrological cycle, Cryosphere) - Fundamental scientific questions - Energy balanceMH
 p.m. (I)L + DExercises with simple energy balance model - Feedback calculus - Bifurcations and chaosMH
Friday   Martin Heimann
 a.m. (I)LBiogeochemical cycles I: Cycles of carbon and oxygenMH
 a.m. (II)L + DSimple carbon cycle modelMH
 p.m. (I)L + DBiogeochemical cycles II: Simple coupled carbon cycle - climate modelMH
Monday   Susan Trumbore
 a.m. (I+II)L+DHistory of climate and the atmospheric composition (geologic, ice ages, Holocene, historical, contemporary trends)ST
 p.m. (I)LTBAST
Tuesday   Susan Trumbore
 a.m. (I+II)LBiogeochemical cycles III (N, S, P)ST
 p.m. (I)L+DCoupled BGC-climate modelsST
Wednesday   Martin Heimann/Susan Trumbore
 a.m. (I)LGlobal change I (Drivers, model simulations and selected impacts)MH/ST
 a.m. (II)L + DComprehensive Earth System modelsMH/ST
 p.m. (I)LGlobal change II (Uncertainties, open questions, socio-economic aspects)

4.  Registration

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5.  Literature

  • Wallace and Hobbs, Atmospheric Science, Elsevier Academic Press, International Geophysics Series, v92, 2002, ISBN: 0-12-732950-1, 483pp.
  • Schlesinger: Biogeochemistry - An analysis of global change, Elsevier Academic Press, 1997, ISBN: 978-0-12-625155-5, 588pp.
  • Jacobson, Charlson, Rhode and Orians: Earth System Science, Elsevier Academic Press, International Geophysics Series vol. 72, 2000, ISBN: 978-0-12-379370-6, 527pp.

6.  Course material (slides, notebooks, etc.):

Material will be made available though this password protected page.


7.  Feedback by the participants

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8.  Previous overview courses

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