Model-data integration for small-scale applications

Instructor    Carlos Sierra

When?         October 14, 2013, 9:00 until ca. 12:00

Where?        In the seminar room of the libary in the MPI for Chemical Ecoloy

Duration:     1 day


1.  Agenda

Legend T = theory, D/L = demonstration, lab

day 1 + 2 
 T & D/L

participants bring data from their own experiments and receive assistance for integrating these data into their own models.
Please contact Carlos Sierra for details and suggestions.

This module is mainly aimed at students from the Biogeochemical Processes Department, but others are invited to participate.

You will work with the laptops provided by the MPI-CE where the right version of R and the required packages have already been installed.


2.  Requirements

You should be familiar with the contents of calculus 101 and the basics of R.

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