Introduction to TM3

Instructor   Julia Marshall and Christian Rödenbeck

When?         October 15, 2013, start at 9:30

Duration:      0.5-0.7 day (depending on your enthusiam)


Preliminary agenda

Legend T = theory, D/L = demonstration, lab

 T & D/L
  • TM3 in relation to other types of models, resolutions available
  • inputs: meteorological data (including options), fluxes as input, chemistry options
  • what the model does with the inputs, parameterization of sub-grid-scale processes, e.g. convection
  • output: quantities, format
  • introduction to practical examples, pointing out how to implement various options in the code
  • practical session, using examples with constant point source, point source pulse, and fossil fuel emissions (two fields - what's the difference?)
  • examining the output, using ferret scripts


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