Introduction to modeling


Axel Kleidon


September 02-03, 2013, start at 9 a.m.


2 days


Preliminary agenda

Please bring a laptop on Tuesday.

Legend T = theory, D/L = demonstration, lab



day 1 


block 1T & D/Loverview, formulation of models


block 2T & D/Lmathematical background (ODE, PDE, differential equations)


block 3T & D/Lnumerics (integration, optimization, numerical approaches, inversion)


block 4T & D/Lapplications (ideas so far: setup, box models (CO2, H2O, energy balance), reanalysis, biospheric models, feedbacks)


day 2 


 T, D/Ldevelop own simple model


 T, D/Lpresent application to group
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