Core course: Paleoclimate

The module will provide the basic knowledge to understand how the earth system including continents, ocean currents, atmospheric circulations and life evolved and how the system is acting as a self controlled feedback system. It will demonstrate which climatic archives can be used to reconstruct palaeoclimatic information focusing on continental archives. It will provide basic knowledge to review existing datasets and interpretations. The module will consist of lectures to cover the background material and theory, lab exercises in modeling, and field techniques.



Mon IGW-PR1Historical Geology, Palaeoclimatology, Sedimentology 
 09:00-10:00 Paleoclimate – the present is the key to the past

- Record of climate in earth history - Geological evidence: rock types, sea-level, fossils, weathering, soils, isotopes
- Ice-house and green-house phases in earth history
- Evidence for climatic conditions:
-- tropical
-- glacial
-- arid
-- humid
-- monsoon

Thomas Voigt, Group of general and historical geology, FSU Jena
 10:00-11:00 Climate in earth history:

- Activity of the sun
- Greenhouse gases
- The role of plate tectonics
- Astronomical forcing
- Milankovitch cycles and their expression in sediments
- Glaciations: pre-requisits
- The Neogene icehouse: causes and consequences

Thomas Voigt, Group of general and historical geology, FSU Jena
 11:00-11:30 Overview on climate archivesMichael Pirrung
 11:30-12:00 Maar volcanoesGeorg Büchel, presented by Michael Pirrung
 13:00-14:00 Description of lake sedimentsMichael Pirrung
 14:00-18:00 Smear slide analysisMichael Pirrung
Thur, July 26, 2012 IG-R317Physical and chemical properties of sediments 
 09:00-16:00 - Seismic, coring and sampling
- Dating systems
- Physical properties and geochemistry of sediments
Torsten Haberzettl, chair for physical geography
Wed IG-R317Pollen 
 09:00-16:00 Introduction to pollen analyses, sample preparation and microscopy of pollenHeike Schneider
Thu  Microfossils 
 09:15-12:30IGW-PR1Introduction to micropalaeontological analysesPeter Frenzel
 13:45-16:00/17:00IGWSample preparation and microscopyPeter Frenzel
Mon MPI, B0.002Organic geochemistry of sediments (I) 
 09:00-12:00 Measurement and Interpretation of Hydrogen Isotopes in Lipid BiomarkersJulian Sachs
 13:30-15:30 lab demonstration for group 1 (6 people)Valérie Schwab-Lavrič
Tue MPI, B0.002Organic geochemistry of sediments (I) 
 09:00-12:00 Late Holocene Climate of the Tropical Pacific from Lipid D/H RatiosJulian Sachs
 13:30-15:30 lab demonstration for group 2 (other 6 people)Valérie Schwab-Lavrič



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