IMPRS-gBGC workshop Grant Proposal Writing 2012

Time & place

The training is conducted over 2 full days.

December, 12-13, 2012 (start at 9 a.m.)
MPI for Biogeochemistry, seminar room B0.002


The instructor

Dr. Sabine Preusse from RaumZeit


The class


Prepared by Sabine Preusse The trainer will provide expert input with respect to the different topics. However, the focus lies on the actual work of the students on a fictitious proposal on their own research idea. The building blocks for these proposals are prepared in the context of a funding scheme of their choice. Thus, several funding schemes will be covered and the differences will then be worked out in the plenum. In order to obtain good examples for their future proposal writing, the trainer will provide constructive feedback on the students’ building blocks.



The participants will prepare their own idea for a proposal in a short exercise (1 to 2 hours). Furthermore, the trainer will provide a questionnaire in advance of the training to assess the individual interests with respect to funding programmes, the experience of the participants in proposal writing, and special wishes concerning the relevance of the different topics. This will be used to focus the training and the exercises to the needs and wishes of the participants.

Results to take home At the end of the workshop, the participants will have the following results:

  • An overview on funding possibilities and helpful sources of information;
  • A list of contact points, websites and phone numbers, which provide support and detailed answers to questions;
  • Commented examples on proposal building blocks;
  • Concise building blocks for different parts of a proposal as text, schemes, sketches, figures etc;


For further details on the content of the course, the instructor can be contacted directly:

Dr. Sabine Preusse,

For logistic matters (including registration issues), please contact the IMPRS office.

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