1.1  Wrap up

  • Outcome of discussion by PhD students
  • Minutes of the retreat

1.2  Program


Haus der Begegnung (See in Google maps)
Kirchstr. 65, Kunitz, 07751 Jena


November 2-3, 2011


Wednesday, Nov. 2




There is a nice way to cycle from the city center to Kunitz (see it highlighted in googlemaps). It takes about 30 min at moderate speed.
You can also go by bus:
Bus line 433 leaves at 8:30 from the central bus station and arrives in Kunitz at 8:42 (details)
You can also take bus line 17 from the station Löbdergraben (leaves 9:00) to Kunitz (arrives 9:15).
Click here to create your individual travel plan.


Talk: State of the IMPRS




Poster presentations
Jens Kirstein
Lailah Akita

Also working in this sphere, but cannot attend the retreat:
Roman Witt
Franziska Günther
Their posters will be shown.



Coffee break + closer look at posters



Poster presentations
Andreas Schmalwasser
Annegret Miehe-Steier
Lenka Zajickova
Divyashri Barania
Sadat Malghani
Ashish Malik (potential associated student)

Also working on soils:
Emily Solly
Also working on plants:
Daniel Marra
(their posters will be shown)


Lunch break + closer look at posters
lunch will be catered



Poster presentations
Björn Gebser
Eric Morgan
Instruments/ Experimental:
Sabrina Niebling
Stefan Hanf




Coffee break + closer look at posters



Poster presentations
Modelling & Model-Data-Integration:
Jakob Zscheischler
Marcus Guderle
Matthias Forkel
Panagiotis Kountouris
Tonatiuh Nuñez
Uday Pimple
Yogesh Kumkar
Jannis von Buttlar



Discussion among PhD students (Room A)
- Which non-scientific courses would you like to have? Come up with a priority list.
- What other joint activities — if any — would you like to have?
- Social event during recruitment — brainstorming

Steering committee discussion (Room B)
- New faculty members (junior group leaders & new FSU members), ...



will be catered



Discussion (and hopefully talk) on time & project management



Some fun
great games, fire in the garden if the weather allows, talking …




Thursday, Nov. 3


will be provided to those who stay overnight




'Discussion... (with coffee break in between)
...among PhD students (Room A)
- Election of representative
- Quo vadis IMPRS
- Topics that came up during retreat


...among faculty members (Room B)
- Quo vadis IMPRS
-- long-term development of the IMPRS
-- including PhD projects offered during the next calls




Lunch break
lunch will be catered



13:30 - ca. 15:00

Good scientific practice
Some scenarios will be presented; we will discuss solutions.



1.3  Poster presentations



Fellow IMPRS-students and faculty members shall get some basic understanding of what you are doing. The aim is to

  • Learn about current questions in neighboring fields of biogeochemistry
  • See in which ways you can learn from each other
  • Learn about and influence the way the IMPRS is developing.

To avoid hours of talk after talk, the sessions will be interactive.



PhD students of the IMPRS will bring a poster (about A0 in size, portrait format). Please also send a pdf of your poster to Anna, so it can be projected on the screen during your presentation.

The poster should mention the goal of your PhD project and give a little background understandable to outsiders.

Depending on the stage of your project you can present

  • Some ideas and background information about yourself, if you have not yet started
  • Planned steps
  • Some results (+ future steps)
  • A problem you need to overcome
  • ...


Each IMPRS student will be allocated a 15-min-time slot.

For 2-3 minutes during that time slot he/she will present some basic information about him/herself and the PhD project, illustrated by the projected poster.

During the remainder of the time, the other participants of the retreat will ask questions to understand the project, the context and methodologies used better.

To stimulated discussion, two random PhD candidates will be selected before each presentation. They will be the first to ask questions after the introduction.

Posters will on display throughout the retreat, so discussions can be continued.


1.4  Miscellaneous

A table tennis table will be available, so bring your paddle/racket if you like.

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