R course: The basics

  • Start: Jun 20, 2022
  • End: Jun 24, 2022
IMPRS course "R: The basics"

General information

Date: June 20-24, 2022
Starting time: 9.00 am
Approximate end: noon
Place: B0.002, MPI for Biogeochemistry, Jena
(planned in person)
Instructors: David Herrera, David Urquiza, Sophie von Fromm, Theertha Kariyathan, Thomas Wutzler, Ulisse Gomarasca
Category: Skill course
Credit points: 0.2 CP per course day
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R is a free, simple and very versatile programming language widely used for statistical analyses. This course "Introduction to Data Analysis with R" is targeted at PhD students without any previous knowledge of R. Its contents will be focused on getting an intuitive grasp of R's main functions and being able to advance your abilities on your own and in advanced courses. The course will enable you to tackle these common three types of tasks:

  • How to load data into R?
  • How to work with data in R?
  • How to save results and simple plots?

Preliminary schedule

June 20: Introduction with David Herrera, Ulisse Gomarasca zia ZOOM

  • `Rstudio` and `R` as a calculator
  • Data types
  • Data structures
  • Reading and writing files
  • the Tidyverse

June 21: Programming - Control flow with Theertha Kariyathan

  • Loops
  • Conditions
    • Functions, Pipe operator
    • Processing of character strings

June 22: Graphics with Sophie von Fromm

  • What are Base-plot vs ggplot?
  • Wrangling data with dplyr
  • Basic ggplot

June 23: Data analysis with David Herrera

  • Simple statistics
    • Uni-variate descriptive statistics
  • Data processing
  • Outlook:
    • Where to find a method?
    • Other ways to process data

June 24: Free practice with all instructors

  • Find your own mini-project
  • Repeat stuff from the course
  • Ask for help with own data analysis
  • Rmarkdown


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