IMPRS workshop 'Speed reading in science'

  • Start: Oct 18, 2022
  • End: Nov 15, 2022

Time & place

Dates: October 18 and November 15, 2022
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Format: Webinar
Instructor: Friedrich Hasse
Category: Transferable skills
Credit points: 0.2


Scientific work involves a significant amount of reading. How about increasing your reading speed by 25–100% (depending on text difficulty and English proficiency) while at the same time improving your reading quality and boosting your motivation?
Course aims: increased reading speed, better text comprehension, variation of different reading techniques and strategies, higher level of concentration and motivation, special approaches towards scientific texts

Course structure

1. Pre-course Webinar session: 1.) How to achieve the best results in the online course, 2.) How to scientific papers efficiently, 3.) Concentration & motivation

2. Speed Reading Online Course: 10 units, flexible training during 2–4 weeks, no fixed times/dates, accompanied by a personal coach who monitors your progress

3. Mid-Course Webinar session (via doodle survey): Feedback on scientific reading, send your own text examples

4. After-Course Webinar session: 1.) More feedback on scientific reading 2.) Memory retention, highlighting & note-taking

5. Optional training tools after course e.g. alumni website
This course is an additional challenge for non-English native speakers. Good/very good English reading (not necessarily speaking) proficiency is expected (approx. B2 English language level), also for the Speed Reading Online course in English.

Detailed information on the course concept (in German) see:

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