IMPRS workshop 'Career strategies accompanying the doctorate'

  • Date: Mar 1, 2024

Category: Transferable skills
Credit points: 0.2

1.  Time & place

Date: March 1, 2024
Start: 9.00 am
End: 5 pm
Place: Max Planck Institute for chemical Ecology

2.  Description

The transition from the doctorate to the next position is a crucial phase in your life that may have a lot of influence on your future career. But for many PhD candidates hitting the home straight and just about to finish their doctorate, it is difficult to develop a clear perspective for what should come next.

Strategic career planning aims at helping you answering questions like: What are my goals and interests? What type of positions are available and which of them match my preferences? Who can provide information and which network do I need for successful job hunting?

On the basis of these questions the workshop participants develop the competencies needed for an effective career planning process. The workshop deals in particular with the following topics:

  • >> My qualification profile: Stocktaking of my key skills

  • >> The labour market in & outside academia: Desirable and realistic career pathways

  • >> Clarification of my goals:
    What exactly do I know already, what is unclear?

  • >> Before the application: Strategies & stumbling blocks

  • >> Networking & self-marketing: Building contacts

  • >> In conversation with interesting people:
    Pinpoint questions and appropriate self-statements

  • >> Career strategies: My next steps

Trainer: Dr. Simon Golin, golin wissenschaftsmanagement, Berlin

Dr. Simon Golin, Berlin, heads the consultancy company golin wissenschaftsmanagement. For more than 30 years now he has been involved with not-for-profit management – with a focus on science, education and the foundation sector. Amongst other things, he has been managing director of the “Deutscher Studienpreis” at the Körber foundation, secretary general of the German National Ethics Council and secretary general of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg.

3.  Registration

You can register here by February 14.

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