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IMPRS-gBGC Retreat 2022

mandatory event

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Aug 29-30, 2022

1.  Learn from each other

It is an important aim of the PhD program to facilitate the exchange among the young researchers and with experienced scientists. This targeted support is important since PhD researchers and advisors are spread across several institutes. Our retreat contributes significantly to a team spirit and to the development of personal career networks through scientific discussions after presentations of PhD researchers and during poster sessions, as well as via informal exchange during the breaks and discussion rounds.

It is our networking event for a lively exchange between all IMPRS members. This means there will be opportunity

  • to present your work
  • to get to know other PhD researchers and advisors
  • learn about overarching research questions in Earth system science
  • ask about (for example)
    • techniques used in other fields of science
    • science in general
    • advise, mentoring and career planning

All PhD researchers should join. All IMPRS-faculty members and associated scientists are also strongly encouraged to participate.

2.  Agenda

This is the preliminary agenda.

2.1  3-min talks & related project sessions

Presentations during the retreat should help other IMPRS members to understand what you are doing. That is why every PhD researcher should present his/her work in a short talk. Here you can download templates for slides and posters.

3-min talk

Your 3-min talk (template) should be understandable for everybody in the audience with a broad variety of different backgrounds (chemists, microbiologists, physicists, mathematiciens etc.). Everything that is too long or too complex for this short talk should go into your poster.

So rather present some key concepts or select one key result. Make sure to explain what is new and important about your work. What are overarching/related questions in biogeochemistry and Earth system science?

Select only one aspect of your PhD project, either

  • your thesis concept, or
  • your context/motivation, or
  • one key result/graph/figure.

Discuss with your advisor(s) in advance to identify this aspect.

Every PhD researcher will give a 3-min talk (max. 3 slides) followed by a very short discussion (urgent questions). Thereafter the related poster session will take place.

Poster session

Every doctoral researcher should bring a poster (Poster template) to the retreat. Show interesting aspects of your work that do not fit into the 3-min talk. This could be

  • (further) results
  • details about your project background/setup
  • questions you have
  • etc.

You can also bring a recent existing poster.

2.2  Parallel session

The parallel session will give you time to discuss important issues among your peers.

PhD researchers

Horizontal discussions will be carried out in groups according to the stage of PhD / cohorts. Experiences and/or challenges with regard to supervision, PAC meetings, research stay, conferences, courses or summer schools or publications can be shared and debated. Furthermore a joint discussion among all PhD researchers is planned. Please contribute actively with topics of your interest in both sessions and contact your PhD representatives if you have any questions.

Faculty members and associated scientists

Feel free to submit topics of your interest. The coordination office considers the following topics:

  • Admission of new faculty members
  • Permanence / continuation of the IMPRS
  • Doctoral supervision at FSU Jena

2.3  Breakout session - walk and talk

All members are highly encouraged to make use of the breakout session to exchange about science and other topics of interest like career planning, dual career, etc. in an informal setting.

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