VPRM preprocessing for WRF-VPRM and STILT-VPRM modeling systems


  • There are two versions of the preprocessor available, one produces output which can be used with the WRF-VPRM system the other one for the STILT-VPRM system.
  • Both versions are in the same SVN repository organized in two branches. Updating one of the branches increases the revision number of the whole repository (both versions of the code, although maybe only one has been changed). Please check the changelog to keep track of the changes!
  • To use the Synmap by Jung et al. please download one of the R object files (".RData...") covering certain areas or the binary file ("synmap_LC_jan1") which has global coverage. Put either of these files in a directory of your choice which must be set in the "config.r" script in the variable "rdatain".
  • Further information can be found in the manual, which can be downloaded from this page.




Version of R46 to prevent memory buildup

Excerpt from John Lin's email: "The reason to do this is that I was getting numerous places in the code in which the R jobs were crashing since they were not able to allocate enough memory along the way. I was running on an old Linux cluster with only 4 Gbytes of memory on each node, so it ran out of memory when dealing with huge arrays. The fix is to make use of the package "ff" in R, in which objects can be defined such that they are not loaded in memory, but stored on the hard drive. There are some subleties that I had to learn, but the "ff" package is really neat. Currently the low memory buildup option is implemented as the "ffTF" flag, specified within "config.r". Setting this to FALSE should make the code behave similarly as before the change."

Users manual

Precompiled MRT tool


  • SYNMAP for European domains.
    Latitude range: 30.01667 ° N, 70.00833 ° N
    Longitude range: -15.00000 ° E, 49.99167 ° E
    download Δ
  • SYNMAP for larger European domains.
    Latitude range: 30.00000 ° N, 79.99167 ° N
    Longitude range: -50.00000 ° E, 64.99167 ° E
    download Δ
  • SYNMAP for domains in North America.
    Latitude range: 8.016667 ° N, 68.008333 ° N
    Longitude range: -148.00000 ° E, -44.00833 ° E
    download Δ
  • SYNMAP for small domains in North America.
    Latitude range: 30.01667 ° N, 50.00833 ° N
    Longitude range: -110.00000 ° E, -80.00833 ° E
    download Δ
  • Original binary file of SYNMAP. It covers the whole globe.

Available datasets

Year Description
2003 VPRM_input_ESAPROJ_LCC_2003
2003 VPRM_input_ESAPROJ_LCC_NEW_2003
2003 VPRM_input_GEO_2003
2004 VPRM_input_GEO_2004
2005 VPRM_input_GEO_2005
2006 VPRM_input_06_STILT_2km_OXK_2006
2006 VPRM_input_CALIFORNIA_2006
2006 VPRM_input_EU10_LCC_2006
2006 VPRM_input_EU10_LCC_MIX_2006
2006 VPRM_input_GEO_2006
2006 VPRM_input_GEO_2km_2006
2006 VPRM_input_JULICH_LCC_2006
2006 VPRM_input_OXK_LCC_06_2006
2006 VPRM_input_STILT_2006
2006 VPRM_input_STILT_2km_OXK_2006
2006 VPRM_input_STILT_OXK_2006
2006 VPRM_input_TESTBENCH_T4_2006
2006 VPRM_input_WRF_OXK_2006
2006 VPRM_input_ZOTTO_2006
2007 VPRM_input_CERES_2007
2007 VPRM_input_GEO_2007
2007 VPRM_input_IOWA_LCC_2007
2007 VPRM_input_JULICH_LCC_2007
2007 VPRM_input_STILT_2007
2008 VPRM_input_SA_2008
2008 VPRM_input_STILT_2008
2008 VPRM_input_STILT_OXK_2008
2008 VPRM_input_USA_TEST_2008
2008 VPRM_input_WRF_OXK_2008
2008 VPRM_input_WRF_SA_2008
2009 VPRM_input_SA_2009
2009 VPRM_input_STILT_2009
2009 VPRM_input_WRF_MIX_2009
2009 VPRM_input_WRF_SA_2009
2009 VPRM_input_WRF_Siberia_2009
2010 VPRM_input_USA_WEST_WRF_2010

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